Virtues (Vampire)

Your character's moral fiber and general affnity to evaluate what is "Right" and what is "Wrong." Conscience is what prevents a vampire from succumbing to the Beast, by defining the Beast's urges as unacceptable.

Denotes a character's self-discipline and mastery over his or her more violent and dark whims and desires. High Self-Control means you rarely succumb to emotional urges, and are thus more able to restrain yourself from crimes of passion.

The quality of being able to stand in the face of adversity. It is bravery, mettle, and stoicism combined. Vampires use Courage when dealing with things they intrinsically dread (fire, sun, true faith).

A character's ability to maintain a sense of reason when faced with desire, suffering, or need. Represents the reconciliation of the predatory urge with the character's capacity for atrocity.

Ability to control the Beast by familiarity rather than denial. It allows characters to "ride the wave" of frenzy and emotional excess by keeping a close rein on their passion rather than letting their passion control them.

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