Children Of Gaia Lore

Child of Gaia Lore 1: What a Cliath would know

  • The Children of Gaia are a tribe of peace-loving, diplomatic Garou
  • Knows that the Children are called the One Tribe
  • May have heard of different Camps, may have met Garou from Aethera Inamorata if homid
  • For some reason Children of Gaia do not cause delerium
  • Knows the tribe totem is Unicorn

Child of Gaia Lore 2: What a Fostern would know

  • Understands that all Garou are Children of Gaia, that all living creatures are Children of Gaia, that even all enemies of Gaia are still Children of Gaia
  • Knows of the First Death, where Wolf perished saving Gaia from the Eater-of-Souls and was reborn as the Child of Gaia
  • Knows of most Camps
  • Knows the Children of Gaia/Stargazer role in ending the Impergium, understands why Children do not cause Delerium
  • Knows of the Homeland of the Children of Gaia, has a rough idea of how to get there

Child of Gaia Lore 3: What an Adren would know

  • Knows the general history of the Children; that the tribe was formed by the reborn souls of those Garou pups killed by the Garou of other tribes, thus knows of the Second Death
  • Has heard of the long-ago state known as the Golden Age, when there were no divisions, and we all *were* each other
  • Understands that all tribes are decended from the Wolf which saved Gaia from the Eater-of-Souls, not just the Silver Fangs
  • Knows of all the Children of Gaia Camps, understands that the Children are alone in being able to join more than one, even Camps of opposing viewpoints
  • Has a very good idea of how to get to the Homeland

Child of Gaia Lore 4: What an Athro would know

  • Knows the Defiler Wyrm is the true enemy
  • Knows that occasionally in the past some Children have been able to work with some vampires, especially females, who are terrified at their slow loss of self-control
  • Knows to be very careful, however, since vampires are no longer tied to Gaia and may betray without warning
  • Knows that a Child of Gaia who helped the Croatan defeat the Eater-of-Souls sacrificed himself with them
  • Knows the story of the First Metis, and why the Children have sheltered them for so long

Child of Gaia Lore 5: What an Elder would know

  • Knows of the prophecied Third Death and closing of the Gauntlet
  • Has heard of the End-Time Rite
  • Knows of the legend that vampires can be completely redeemed, removed of wyrm-taint (proof that Gaia is there for the least of her children)
  • Knows an ancient vampire slumbers somwehere in the Middle East, infecting the area with his madness
  • Knows of the prophecy that offspring of metis are supposed to triumph in the Apocalypse