Corax Lore

Corax Lore 1: Just the facts, ma'am

  • Shapeshifting Ravens exist
  • Basic understanding of the conflict between Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld
  • Understand the role the Corax play in the conflict between the Triat
  • Understand the basic duties of the corax
  • Social standing and reputation is based on a rank system
  • Rank system is based on Honor, Glory and Wisdom
  • The corax value Wisdom above the others
  • Titles of Ranks (Fledgling, Oviculum, Neocornix, etc.)
  • Spirits can gift a Corax with individual powers
  • The Corax are one of the most common changers after Garou
  • Corax do not form packs and tend to be loners
  • The Corax have always had close ties to the Garou
  • Know about all of the forms (Outsiders will only know about the Homid and Corvid forms)

Corax Lore 2: The beginning of knowledge

  • Has a basic understanding of the major events in Corax history
  • Understands that the Corax honor Helios, as well as Raven
  • Each individual Corax follows Raven
  • Has heard of other Shifters through rumors and legends
  • Know that the Corax spy on and watch many Formor and Wyrm Servants
  • know some of the powers they might weild
  • Understand that the Corax spy on the Garou as well and know of some of their powers
  • The Corax are very adept at Umbral Travel
  • The Corax have no auspices
  • Knows some of the gifts available to them that they don't already have
  • Knows that there are no breed gifts among the Corax
  • Aware of Raven's Laws
  • Aware of How Corax perceive Renown
  • Knows the Corax are unaffected by Silver, and are injured by Gold
  • Outsiders might know about one or two Corax gifts that they have seen or heard about

Corax Lore 3: Favored by Raven

  • Understands the simplified history of the Corax as per the Changing Breeds book
  • Knows most of the Gifts available to them, except those of the Corvis
  • Has basic knowledge of the most notable Corax (Volucris and Corvis) in history
  • Understands the History of the War of Rage and how the Corax assisted the Garou in order to survive
  • Understand why the Corax drink the Eyes of the Dead
  • Knows the various umbral markings that the Corax use to warn other corax
  • Knows the basic camps of the Corax and rumors of other camps
  • Knows how the Rite of the Fetish Egg works and the role of a Guardian
  • Outsiders would be aware of several Corax gifts and would likely have spoken to a Corax personally.

Corax Lore 4: Regularly discovering long buried secrets (typically known by the Ales & Volucris)

  • Detailed knowledge of Corax history
  • Understands exactly how the Corax operated on both sides during the War of Rage
  • Has been to at least one Parliament
  • Aware of the Sun Lost

Corax Lore 5: Aware of the big picture (What the Corvis Know)

  • Probably a major player in Changing Breed and Corax Society - you know enough people and know enough information to make an informed decision about Nationwide and Worldwide matters
  • Knowledge of details surrounding the Rite of Memory Theft
  • Impressive level of knowledge of the other denizens of the WoD
  • Nothing gets past your senses. Secrets thought long buried by others are common knowledge to you.
  • You are one of Raven's chosen and carry the heavy burden of knowledge. You face the strong temptation to become Sun Lost