• Passion
The vampire may stir his victim's emotions, either heightening them to a fevered pitch or blunting them until the target is completely desensitized. The Cainite may not choose which emotion is affected; she may only amplify or dull emotions already present in the target. In this way, a vampire can turn mild irritation into frothing rage or dull true love into casual interest.
System: Cha + Empathy (dc of the victim's Humanity score, see crossover stats elsewhere on this site in the WoD reference index).

1 success One Turn
2 successes One Hour
3 successes One Night
4 successes One Week
5 successes One Month
6+ successes Three months

•• The Haunting
The vampire may stir the sensory centers of his victim's brain, flooding them with visions, sounds, scents or feelings that aren't really there. The images, regardless of the sesne to which they appeal, are only fleeting "glimpses," barely perceptible to the victim. The vampire using Dementation cannot control what the victim perceives, but may choose which sense is affected.
The "haunting" effects occur mainly when the victim is alone, and mostly at night. They may take the form of the subject's repressed fears, guilty memories, or anything else the ST finds appropriate. The effects are never pleasant or unobtrusive. The victim may well feel as if she is going mad, or as if the world is.

System: Spend 1 blood point, roll Manip + Subterfuge, DC victim's Perception + Self-Control (see crossover stats in WoD Reference). The successes determine the length of the sensory "visitations".

1 success One Night
2 successes Two Nights
3 successes One Week
4 successes One Month
5 successes Three Months
6+ successes One Year

••• Eyes of Chaos
This peculiar power allows the vampire to take advantage of the fractured wisdom hidden in insanity. She may scrutinize the "patterns" of a person's soul, the convolutions of a vampire's inner nature, or even random events in nature itself. The Kindred with this power can discern the most well-hidden psychoses, or gain insight into a person's true self. Malkavians with this power often have (or claim to have) knowledge of the moves and countermoves of the great Jyhad.

System: Spend a turn in concentration. Then, roll Perception + Occult. The difficulty depends on the intricacy of the pattern. For instance, discerning the nature of a stranger would be 9; a casual acquaintance would be 8, an old friend would be 6. The Malk could also read messages locked in a coded missive (DC 7) or even see the doings of an invisible hand in such events as the pattern of falling leaves (DC 6). Nearly anything might contain hidden insight, no matter how trivial.

•••• Voice of Madness
By merely addressing his victims aloud, the Malkavian can drive targets into fits of blind rage or fear, forcing them to abandon reason and higher thought. Victims are plagued by hallucinations of their subconscious demons, and try to flee in the wake of this power's use, although offending Malkavians often claim that they were merely encouraging people to act "according to their natures." Unfortunately for the vampire concerned, he runs a very real risk of falling prey to his own voice's power.

System: Spend 1 Blood, roll Manip + Empathy vs 7. One target is affected per success, but all potential victims must be listening. Affected victims fly immediately into a frenzy or a blind fear like Roetschreck. Kindred or other creatures capable of frenzy may make a frenzy check at a +2 difficulty. Mortals are automatically affected and don't remember their actions while berserk. The effects last for a scene, although vampires and Lupines may test as usual to sap out of it. The vampire using VoM must also check for frenzy/roetschreck upon invoking this power, although his DC is -1.

••••• Total Insanity
This power allows the vampire to drive her victim (mortal or vampire) insane. The victim completely loses her sanity, taking on five Derangements of the Storyteller's choice. The victim must be completely focused on the vampire for this power to have any effect.
System: The number of successes the vampire scores on a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty equal to the victim's Willpower rating) determines how long the effects last.

1 success One Turn
2 successes One Night
3 successes One Week
4 successes One Month
5 successes One Year

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