• Command
Roll: Man. + Intimidation, difficulty Willpower. The more successes, the longer or the more vigorously is the command adhered to.

With eye contact, the vampire may give a one-word command to a target. This command may only be one word, but it may be used with slight emphasis in a sentence, to hide it. This command is obeyed instantly, unless it is ambiguous, in which case temporary confusion ensues.

•• Mesmerize
Roll: Man. + Leadership, difficulty Willpower
The vampire can implant thoughts and hypnotic suggestions in the victim's subconscious, which may be as simple or detailed as desired. Eye contact must be maintained throughout the command, but is not necessary once the command has been given. The prompt may be obeyed either immediately, or established to be triggered by a specific stimulus in the future. A subject can only have one suggestion implanted at any time.
1 suc. The target will not act in defiance of her nature, or her usual behavior, but she is otherwise obedient.
3 suc. The target can be made to act in ways that she otherwise wouldn’t, except in the case of self-endangering behavior.
5 suc. Nearly any command may be given, Storyteller nimdyd excepted.

••• The Forgetful Mind
Roll: Wits + Subterfuge, difficulty Willpower
With eye contact, the vampire can alter her target’s memories.
1 suc. The vampire may cause limited memory loss lasting a day, with control over which memories are lost.
2 suc. The vampire may cause more permanent memory loss.
3 suc. The vampire may make slight alterations to her victim’s memory.
4 suc. The vampire may alter or remove an entire scene from her victim’s memory.
5 suc. The vampire may reconstruct entire periods of a victim’s life.

•••• Conditioning
Roll: Cha. + Leadership, difficulty Willpower
The vampire may add to the number of successes she has accumulated in someone she is dominating. Once she has accumulated a number of successes from five to ten times her victim’s Self-Control, the victim will act as if dominated even in the vampire’s absense. Such a victim will continue to obey the vampire, even when not dominated, and the difficulty for all other vampires to try to dominate her is increased by two.

Conditioning is an extended action; the ST determines the number of needed successes. It usually requires 5-10 times the subject's Self Control score. Targets with more empathic Natures may require lower successes, while those with willful Natures require more. Only through RP may ac haracter discern whether his subject is successfully conditioned.

A target may become more tractable even before becoming fully conditioned. ONce the vampire accumulates half the required amount of successes, the ST may apply a lower DC to the vampire's subsequent uses of Dominate. After being conditioned, the target falls so far under the vampire's influence that eye contact or sometimes even presence is no longe rneeded to retain absolute control, so long as his master will communicate verbally. No command roll is necessary unless the subject is totally isolated from the vampire (over the phone still counts as isolated). If a command roll fails, the target still will likely carry out PART of the orders given.

After the subject is completely conditioned, other Kindred find him more difficult to Dominate. Such conditioning raises others' difficulties by 2 (to a max of 10).

To shake conditionin is possible if the subject is entirely separated from the vampire to which he is enthralled. The separation period varies depending on the individual: six months - WP x 1 week. So, if you have 5 WP, then you have to stay away from the vampire for just under 5 months.

••••• Possession
Roll: Cha. + Intimidation, difficulty 7
Resist: Willpower, difficulty 7
With continuous eye contact, the vampire may possess a mortal, but goes into torpor in so doing. Each success by the vampire costs the victim a willpower point. Each success by the victim gives her an extra die the next round. A botch by the vampire makes the victim permanently immune to all Dominate attempts by that vampire. The actual possession (and torpor) occurs when the victim has no willpower points.