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No worries I can do it :) I just didn't think I would have very much time when I had asked before. Ok, so…. Tower in Wynwood, Iron Risers - Commodore Plaza, Aescips - Western Outskirts, NSC - on the beach somewhere. Does that sound about right?

Re: Delegation by ElliotCElliotC, 12 Apr 2011 13:54

NSC and Aescips CAN be added, it really ought to. I was working on extending the Miami Beachline and stuff and Ochoa's warehouse and office is on the grid. The office building for Vampire is actually a Sabbat interest. I don't remember, was I supposed to build your office building, Elliot? I can.

Re: Delegation by HeatmiserHeatmiser, 12 Apr 2011 12:48

I can do up a building for Iron Riser's too. Actually, for the Glass Walker's caern, might it be cool to have it set up on the roof of that building? If so, I'll throw that in as well.
Thoughts/suggestions are welcome!

One more thing and then I'll hush I promise! Does NSC or Aescips (sp?) need to be added as well?

*Elliot makes the zipping his lips motion*

Re: Delegation by ElliotCElliotC, 11 Apr 2011 19:33

I'll do the tower.
How many floors/rooms does it need?
oo OOO! Can I call it the Chamberlain building? :p

Re: Delegation by ElliotCElliotC, 11 Apr 2011 19:26

Too late douchebag, the morgue's already done. That multisuite tower I'm definitely leaving to someone more patient though.

Re: Delegation by hagashihagashi, 11 Apr 2011 04:23

I'll have someone else do the descs, I mean, you've already picked an item off the list.

New Item on the List:

Since we want to implement Wraith in the future when we have a larger pbase, I need to work with somebody who knows Wraith. The plan is to prepare the mux and have it wraith-friendly/compatible, so that it's all there when we make the decision to implement it and have a smooth transition into using it.

Re: Delegation by HeatmiserHeatmiser, 11 Apr 2011 03:14

I've already got the Los Canales thing partially sorted out and the SWAT army shouldn't take more than five minutes after I sit down and do it. If nobody wants to write up the mortuary I can probably work that out in like…five minutes.

Re: Delegation by hagashihagashi, 10 Apr 2011 23:35

This is a To Do list from a not-coding perspective.

Vampire sphere with 29 players

We need for our vampire plot…
1. A desc for a mortuary within a hospital.

2. A desc for a multisuite office building.

3. Los Canales gang structure, activity, and population density figures (claimed already). LC is a Cuban/Haitian gang of 40,000 members. Of its Sabbat the lead figure is Lasombra with Tzimisce an unsuprising close 2nd but actually they are tied with Serpents of the LIght given Miami's position and, well, Haitianness. Of those 40,000 members the actual vampire population is tiny, but effective.

4. On the Camarilla side of the map we still need to stat out their army and numbers. The Cam has a SWAT trained team and several conditioned ghouls within the MDPD and pays a small handful of Assamite mercenaries.

Shifter sphere with 15 or so players

1. The Umbraldescs of half of the city need to be finished.
2. The umbraldescs of the everglades and sea can probably be parented but aren't finished.
3. The Everglades caern is built, The Allapattah caern is built…Antoine's caern is not built. IT is a caern built and maintained within the city by Glasswalkers. Ideas?

4. We need another office building or to turn Iron Riser Architects into its own building so that RSHA and IRA are not in the same location. So I need a desc for another office building.

To stat out Antoine Kuneaux's pack
To create a Black Spiral Dancer pack

Mage, 5 players

Coordinate with Ben about The Fold to hammer out the Mage plotline.

Delegation by HeatmiserHeatmiser, 10 Apr 2011 08:56

----------——| Welcome back to Miami |
What's going on?
Vampire: The Camarilla is gearing up for war against the Sabbat as they investigate the city's Haitian and Hispanic gang presence and the origins of the explosive attack on one of their Elysiums.

Werewolf: A Monkeywrenching group of Garou are teaming up with the Rokea who wish to protect Sea from N.S.C. Plastics. Meanwhile, something is sewing up the Gauntlet so tight in the Everglades, you can feel it without thinking.

General: A statue of a man fell out of the sky, presumably from a passing plane, onto a car in Biscayne Boulevarde. Witnesses heard a strange screeching noise before the impact. Police investigations are ongoing.

Song of the Day: Black Magic Woman by Santana

Don't forget our website,!
We also have a forum at

| Nights on the Strand |

Nights on the Strand is a two story complex of four buildings and a main office under a scalloped and grey roof, coming off somewhat like an apartment complex with its railed, wraparound cement porchfronts. The sheetrock of the siding has been plastered into a prim texture. At the heart of the hotel complex, a large, glinting sign with tall, vinyl letters boasts the name of the hotel.
Inside, the air is crisp and sterile. The lobby sports a group of chairs with thick upholstery in an unflattering but demure flower print and a length of cabinet and counterspace that plays host to coffee machines and cereal dispensers and other conveniences for a "continental breakfast" each morning.
Thanks to the navy tile floor and the faux wood siding that half-panels the walls of the hotel lobby, even the small hum of the fluorescent lighting overhead seems to echo.

Out <O>
Frost: Certified creeper.
Elliot: A conservatively dressed middle aged man in glasses.
Lucas: Late 20's man in a suit. Nice shoes.
Luke: A short, rangy man with long black hair and sienna skin.

It's evening and the sun has sunk. Elliot has made his phonecalls and arranged for a meeting of folks.

Elliot paces the lobby of the hotel, glancing down at his watch every so often. Finally, he settles himself into one of the lobby's ugly little chairs that affords him an unobstructed view of the entrance.

Frost stalks in through the main doors, brushing sand off of his coat. He was unsure what time he was supposed to meet Elliot, or, more importantly, what this was all about, so he wore a sour expression as he looked about for his rendezvous.

Rising from the chair, Elliot strolls across the lobby and greets the two newest arrivals. "Ahh, You've made it." He claps Lucas on the back and offers a hand in greeting to Frost. "I'm sure you're probably wondering why I've asked you here, so I'll get right to it. I have received some information linking Ochoa Storage to NSC Plastics. I'm sure you are aware of the recent events at NSC, so from what I've been able to gather, we can expect the gentleman who runs Ochoa storage here this evening. I hope to be able to gather further information regarding the goings on at NSC."

Luke makes his debut as well, but it's a different face than his that comes inside. Lately he's been getting heat from hanging out with the fangy types, so he had told Elliot he wasn't coming and sending a friend of his in, instead. And so here comes some short-haired blond dude in a nice pair of jeans and a workshirt. He hears the tail end of what Elliot says to the people already present here and approaches.

Lucas' brow twitches as he looks over at Frost briefly. "Perhaps our mutual friend has a good sense of the necessity of order," he says, "Or an awful sense of what makes a fun weekend." He searches through his pockets and retrieves a short cigarillo, smells the end briefly and twirls it between his fingers.

Elliot explains the situation. The werewolves in the city are known by some of the Camarilla, Elliot included, to be on a mission to take down NSC. This is a problem since NSC is tied to one of the Camarilla's business interests, namely Ochoa Storage. So, Elliot is investigating the situation to protect their own interest, see if there's something he can do about it and bridge some kind of agreement between the shifters and the Camarilla without horrible horrible violence. Elliot has been talking to Luke Smith, who has been flitting around with Camarilla vampires lately and is very likely a shapeshifter. He passed to Elliot a credit card which belongs to Charles Hauser a manager of Ochoa's flagship office in Miami. The card is primarily used to maintain the shipping part of the business. He ran a background check on him and found out a few more names: Rachel Matthews uses her company card for vehicle repairs. Anthony Greer unnamed business expenses. and then just a random name Isaiah Carroll. Ochoa Storage is shipping something back and forth for NSC, unsuprisingly. They're also for some reason renting out half of this hotel on a consistent monthly basis.

Frost whistles. "You've been a busy bee, Elliot. So what you're saying is, you want to find out what they're doing here in the hotel? Don't you think we look a bit," Frost gestures to the ragtag group, "conspicous?"

"Hmm," Lucas says, "I'm sure anyone coming upon such upstanding gentlemen would think nothing but innocent, passing thoughts." He scratches his chin absently with the hand holding the cigarillo. "I'd hope. Do we have a location where we can discuss the finger details, Elliot?"

"Well, I suppose we can get you cleaned up a bit once we have our room. I can probably arrange to have some clothes sent over… I'm going to go get us a suite across close to where Mr. Houser is going to be setting up" With that, he starts to work his way toward the receptionist desk.

Luke listens to the low-down and feels like a stranger, since he doesn't really know any of the people here at all. He explains himself to Elliot as a friend of Luke's (Robert, dat be his name) before the man heads off for the receptionist's desk. One look at Frost and he knows who he's going to try to never, ever be friends with. "So, we gonna play stakeout, huh? Or what?"

Frost takes slight offense to the suggestion that he would have to get "cleaned up." He stalks off to the bathroom to arrange himself.

Lucas brushes a vein on the cigarillo with his thumb. "I hope they allow smoking in these rooms," he says. The young Ventrue looks up at his companions and around the room, then slips the miniature stogie back into his pocket. "Just on principle, mind you," he says. He leans back against the wall furthest from the windows. "How are we supposed to help you on this little project, Elliot?"

Elliot holds the card key to the room up. "Well, I was hoping we could try and work our way into the party, that's why I brought you along Lucas. I'll admit I'm not the party type. And Frost… oh dear." Elliot eyes roam about the lobby. "Where'd Frost go?"

"Somewhere that's not here," Luke muses aloud, but he follows the group to the room, so far playing observer. He keeps an eye out for Frost, or debuts of old ladies, or hipsters, or just, anybody that shouldn't at all be here, goddammit.

Fake Maid emerges from the bathroom as a Latina maid, complete with the appropriate uniform. He tails the group as they enter the room, waits a minute or two, and knocks. "Room service!" he calls, sweet as a hobo can be.

"Should I open that?" Lucas says. He taps his chin, "Hmm, far too early for the bad guys to bust down the door." He walks over and looks out the peephole, then turns with a questioning gaze to Elliot.

Elliot walks over to the door and looks through the peep hole. "Oh, It's just the maid service, she just probably has the wrong room." He opens the door smiling at the 'woman' "I'm sorry miss, we didn't order anything."

Luke suffers a moment of quiet laughter that he manages to keep mostly to himself as he remembers the *last* time Elliot spoke with "waitstaff" (and if only he knew what was really going on here, the irony would just kill him). He moves across the floor and looks toward the window to see across the parkin' lot view, parting the shades. "Hey. So, you mentioned a party, right? There're people across the lot…"

Lucas ' eyes open wide for the briefest of seconds. "Fascinating," he says. He walks over to the window and peeks through the shades. "I think I see a familiar face or two."

"Folks you've partied with before Lucas?" Elliot steps aside to let Frost enter, but makes no move to look out of the window himself. "How many are there, Robert?"

"Which building are they in?" Frost stands near the door, ready to leave. "If you gentlemen don't need me for your master game plan, I'm going to give it a go my own way."

Luke, or Robert for now, parts the shades a little wider so that Elliot can get a veiw from here. As Frost speaks he bristles in discomfort at the guy. There are five people standing out front of a hotel room on the lower floor in the building across the property parking lot. They're standing around and talking, and the door is propped open with a chair, lights on inside and movement promising more patrons. "You think maybe Hauser just rented out the place so he could party? You think he'd lease like, … I don't know, not a hotel." The people outside are low-class working people, though a couple of them might have hit the nightclub scene for the sake of having fun.

"I suppose so. We were in the same place doing the same things," he says, "They're hangers-on, weekend bunnies, people partying with secondhand money. Not really my crowd, but I can get us…" he stands and looks at his companions, "I'm fairly certain I can get us in. Is this a private affair? Or semi-private? I hadn't heard of it before. But maybe it's too dive for my crowd."

"I believe it's more of a private event." Elliot walks over to the window and looks down at the parking lot. "Frost, I will trust in your reputation and insight. If you think you'd be better on your own, then I'll not stop you." He hands Frost a preloaded credit card. "This card has 500 dollars on it. This should cover your expenses for the evening. We'll determine the rest of your pay later. Robert, Lucas any ideas on how we could get in there?"

Luke blinks at the handing over of cash. "Yeah, I got an idea. It starts with givin' me a credit card," he jokes half-assedly, before frowning at the flat non-recognition of the people here. He trails off and stares a little too concentratedly out the window and comes out of his slight trance with a draw in of a breath and a troubled and frustrated little sigh. "Yeah, I'll bet it's private. Can't hurt to just, you know. Come over there with some beer an' try to ask for invites, I guess…"

"Forget beer," Lucas says, "Just bring me. And act like you belong there but don't own the place. I'll get us an in-road." He slips off his jacket. "Each of us already looks like we belong but not that we belong together. Lose the sweater, Elliot. And roll up your sleeves. It would help if you acted like you've already had a few drinks. And looked at girls too young for you." He looks at Robert. "You didn't happen to bring an extra pair of shoes, did you?" His face fails to hide the traces of a grin as his mind constructs social strategy.

Pulling the sweater up over his head, Elliot folds it neatly and places it on the bed. Rolling up his sleeves, he looks over at Lucas puzzled, "Shoes?"

Luke blinks at Lucas. Luke's closet consists of 1. Sneakers in horrible disrepair, 2. Pinstripe sneakers in worse disrepair, and 3. A pair of Justin workboots. "No?" He moves toward the door nonetheless.

Fake Maid has secured one of those cleaning carts and positions himself in a prime snooping location.

Tthe door is still open. Two men, two women are outside. The women are sitting on a cooler that's probabyl full of beer. You hear music from inside the hotel. It's nothing that's loud enough to gett them evicted by security, but you can still hear it plainly. It's, by the way, like 9.00 PM. The men are standing and talking over some shiner or other dark beer and the conversation is about mudcrabs and the wine in cyrodill. Actually the conversation is work gossip, it sounds like. One of them is strategizing how to try to finagle a promotion.

Fake Maid shuffles a cleaning cart to the apartment next door. Instead of knocking, he just parks there and lights up a cigarette, trying to hard to appear that he doesn't give a fuck and would rather be somewhere else. It comes naturally.

Fake Maid shuffles a cleaning cart to the apartment next door. Instead of knocking, he just parks there and lights up a cigarette, trying to hard to appear that he doesn't give a fuck and would rather be somewhere else. It comes naturally.

Luke blinks at Lucas. Luke's closet consists of 1. Sneakers in horrible disrepair, 2. Pinstripe sneakers in worse disrepair, and 3. A pair of Justin workboots. "No?" He moves toward the door nonetheless.

Lucas shrugs, "Just stay behind us until we get inside, then." The air of the night is thick and most of the stars are hidden behind a inky cowl of cloud cover or washed out completely by the upward reaching light of the city. As they walk Lucas' lazy slouch becomes a half-stumbling swagger. He snaps his finger and points, "I know this man. Craig? Craig Simon?" One of the men furrows his brow. "Ed Timmons. Do I know you?" "Sure you do! Lucas Berggren. You went to that get together for your sister Cheryl last week at my place!" Lucas says. "That was a month ago. And Sandra." Lucas continues with a string of memories and the apparent Timmons with various corrections. Before long he has slid in between the two men and been handed a beer. They trade jokes, the three apparently ignoring the over-rich lush's two companions. The two girls look them over. After an obscenely long time Lucas waves his companions over and steps inside. "Easy," he mutters.

Fake Maid takes a drag on a cigarette. He hates the things, but they help him blend in. He watches the gang lie their way inside and feels content to watch the entrance. Too many unfamiliar faces in there would probably raise suspicion, anyway. There sure are some weird looking people out here. Frost makes a note to tail any of the weird fuckers that leave in pairs or groups.

Through their carousing, the party finds out that this is just a social party to celebrate an anniversary. Actually nothing big. Nights on the Strand doubles as a sort of apartment complex and has leasing within it. Hauser pays for all of these people because they are his employees on a sort of program to help the down and outs get back on their feet. It's like a company-funded welfare.

Elliot idly chats to random people as he makes his way across the room. He finds a nice piece of walll and leans against it shaking his head.

Lucas wanders over to his companion. He slumps against the wall with a smile on his face. "So, this night turned out like any other for me," he says. He pulls the cigarillo out of his pocket and points it at Elliot. "But apparently they wont let me smoke in here." He looks out over the crowd. "It doesn't feel normal in here," he says in low tones, "Everyone acts like it but it's not. And I don't know why."

Luke moves toward Lucas as he goes through the people here, all nice and oblivious to whatever the hell you bastards are keen to, but he's working the room like a goddamn salesman anyway with his own personal agenda. He murmurs to Lucas, "So it looks like the people here are on some kind of welfare type of program compliments of Hauser at NSC Plastics… What the hell is NSC doin' pickin' up homeless people out of Alapattah?" The comment of the people being 'strange' suprises him and he looks around the room with a new sort of suspicion.

Fake Maid thinks this is bullshit. From what he's gleaned from the outside crowd, this isn't some big NSC Plastics honeypot. Frost doesn't know what this is, but he elects to wait for his companions to leave the apartment and meet up for a second round of "wtf are we doing."

For a moment Elliot looks defeated, but then he smirks to himself, and says a little to loudly, "You know, Houser's a real dick. I know he's the one that got to Andy."

Lucas nods at Robert. "Really not my crowd then," he says. The young ventrue slips taps the wall behind him for a second before his posture grows stiff at Elliot's words.

Luke starts toward the door very suddenly. "Fuck. No. This isn't my crowd either," he tells Lucas on his way out the door in too large of a hurry to be stopped. Whatever he had been staring at a second ago was not user friendly, apparently.

Some of the schmoozers in the crowd stiffen when Elliot pulls off his performance and their gazes snap over to him. "-Got to- Andy?" One of them asks, stepping closer with a stiffness in his posture that has a point to prove as he looks the guy in the eye, darin' his ass to say that again.

Lucas' eyes widen and the cigarillo stops twirling between his fingers. Caught between watching Robert's escape and looking at his companion, he seems like some withered statue or pedestal about to fall over from decay. His eyes scan the face of the angry stranger and he takes a single step away from Elliot. The young ventrue brings the cigarillo to his lips. "Fuck it," he says. The butane lighter clicks and the blue jets turn the end into a single orange ember.

"Yeah, just like he got to you…" Elliot's voice gains an edge, "Why don't you tell me exactly what he's done to you people."

The man pauses. "Done? He's given us a cure," the man supposes, his ire cowed by Elliot's stare into a complacency. He backs up a step. Some of the other party goers are half listening, but they dismiss the distraction to their own hobnobbing in general when they are dissappointed that there isn't gonna be a fight. "Or he will, anyway. We work for him, we embetter ourselves, find our own places and get our lives together… Get our minds back together… Some of us are sick, or deformed or deranged from what we've been exposed to and how we've lived. He's promised us a cure and a better life! Don't you give me this bullshit about how he's a dick, he's helping us all."

"So what's the cure then? Has he given you anything already?" Elliot takes a few steps closer to the man, but his voice and mannerisms are gentle now.
Gabriel pages: YOu got it figured out?

Lucas puffs gently and repeatedly to get the flame going. "Fascinating," he says. He continues sitting against the wall, watching the crowd through the blue smoke and darkness.

The man shakes his head. "Haven't found it yet. We're getting his funding back up so we can pay for more research. Working alongside a few genetics and research companies and Magadon for a cure." He frowns at Lucas and Elliot. "Neither of you are very familiar."

Fake Maid sees Richard exit the apartment and decides to tag along after a bit. Ditching the cart, the cigarette, and his company, Frost creeps up. "So. How'd it go?"

Entry (Initiate) = 1 Arete (Can buy two more), 6 Spheres.
Experience (Novice) = 2 Arete (Can buy two more), 9 Spheres.
Veteran (Adept) = 4 Arete (Can discuss buying higher), 12 Spheres.
Old Bastard (Master) = 5 Arete (Can discuss buying higher), 15 Spheres.
Serious Business (Archmaster) = 6 Arete (Can discuss buying higher), 18 Spheres.

Please note that the higher level of Mage you apply for, the better background story you will need, and you will need to show you have more experience with the game.

Higher leveled characters also are capable of more unique/powerful backgrounds, exotic lores, etc.

…I meant other than the half-crazed staff.

Re: To-Do List: The Saga by hagashihagashi, 08 Apr 2011 07:17

This is to help uss to know what to stat out for veteran characters, whether for NPC or player character use. You can try to apply for a Methuselah just like the template suggests but uh, frankly, good luck: you'd have better luck using Entry-Level, Seasoned, and Veteran, tops, but I got into a rhythm of makin' the templates.

Entry-Level Characters These characters are assumed to have learned the rhythm of their particular supernatural niche but they have yet to achieve any lasting and decisive accomplishments, such as Neonates, Cliaths, et cetera.

Attributes: 7/5/3, or 6/4/3 for Hunters/Mortals
Abilities: 13/9/5, or 11/7/4 for Hunters/Mortals
Backgrounds: 5
Power Set: As dictated by your source book for CG
Virtue Set: As dictated by your source book for CG
Freebie Points: 15, or 21 for Hunters/Mortals. Taking 7 cumulative freebie points in Flaws will max this to 22.

Experienced Characters: Ancillae, Rank 2 Garou, Etc.
This template represents IMPRESSIVE Ancillae or Rank 2 Garou or the like. As such, you should take this template and either satisfy the numbers it requires at maximum, or meet somewhere halfway between default and this template.

Attributes: 9/6/4, or 8/5/3 for Hunters/Mortals.
Abilities: 20/13/10, or 17/11/9 for Hunters/Mortals
Backgrounds: 10
Freebie points: 20, max out at 27.

After deciding what your starting powers would be as if a beginner-level character, then spend up to 24 XP towards your powers (Garou gifts up to Rank 2, Vampire disciplines, Thaumaturgical paths, Spheres, etc.). If you're 1 XP shy from affording your final spend, take the point. Hunters have 2 Virtue points to spend for the appropriate Edges.

Veteran Characters: Elders and Rank 3 Garou, etc.
Attributes: 9/6/4 + 1 (So you have either 10/6/4, 9/7/4, or 9/6/5), or 17/11/9 + 1 for Hunters/Mortals
Abilities: 22/15/12, or 20/13/11 for Hunters/Mortals
Backgrounds: 10
Freebie points: 20, max out at 27.

After deciding what your beginning-level character would have had, spend up to 51 XP toward your powers. If you're 1 XP shy from affording your final spend, take the point. Hunters have 5 Virtue points to spend for the appropriate Edges. Watch out, with Virtues come insaaaaanity.


  • Garou add 1 to either Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower and satisfy Rank 3 Renown.
  • Vilkas doesn't understand anything about Mage, Ben fix this
  • Vampires add 2 points to their Virtues and subtract 1 from their Humanity or lift them 1 on their Path rating.
  • Hunters gain 1 Conviction or 1 Willpower.

Old Bastards: Ancients and Rank 4 Garou, etc.
Attributes: 9/6/4 + 2 (So you have either 11/6/4, 9/8/4, or 9/6/6), or 17/11/9 + 2 for Hunters/Mortals
Abilities: 24/17/14, or or 22/15/13 for Hunters/Mortals
Backgrounds: 15
Freebie points: 20, max out at 27.

After deciding what your beginning-level character would have had, spend up to 63 XP toward your powers. If you're 1 XP shy from affording your final spend, take the point. Hunters have 6 Virtue points to spend for the appropriate Edges and by this point are probably seriously losing it.


  • Garou have 2 points, which can be split, to either Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower and satisfy Rank 4 Renown.
  • Vilkas doesn't understand anything about Mage, Ben fix this
  • Vampires add 4 points to their Virtues and subtract 2 from their Humanity or lift them 2 on their Path rating.
  • Hunters gain 2 Conviction, 2 Willpower, or 1 of each.

Srs Bsns Methuselahs and Scary Bastards
Attributes: 9/6/4 + 3 (So you have either 12/6/4, 9/9/4, or 9/6/7), or 17/11/9 + 3 for Hunters/Mortals
Abilities: 26/19/16 or 24/17/15 for Hunters/Mortals
Backgrounds: 20
Freebie points: 20, max out at 27 (oh my God, do you need them?)

After deciding what your beginning-level character would have had, spend up to 78 XP toward your powers. If you're 1 XP shy from affording your final spend, take the point. Hunters have 7 Virtue points to spend for the appropriate Edges. Off of the top of my head, I think that if you're that far gone you're probably completely freaking bazonkers.


  • Garou have 3 points to distribute between Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower and satisfy Rank 5 Renown.
  • Vilkas doesn't understand anything about Mage, Ben fix this
  • Vampires add 6 points to their Virtues and subtract 3 from their Humanity or lift them 3 on their Path rating.
  • Hunters have 3 to distribute between additional Conviction and Willpower.

As any Hitchhiker head knows, Vogon poetry is supposed to be the worse poetry in the universe. Often used as a torture device. I decided to test this…

[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Vogon poetry"
pub spsshh…you have no culture!
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "spsshh…you have no culture!"
[Public] Gingerbread Kim says, "Micturation does not mean 'bee'."
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "oh I thought you were talking about the next line"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "ahem"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Fnorkel purrs to thy gribbling wheezes, Thy fervulent glorps, thy schmalcendent sneezes, Fnorkel giggles at the gurpiest of fnorks, Fnorkelish fnorks, and rapschilious sporks"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "The purplified lost souls of poinks."
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Thy peeling grawps offend my delicate xylophone of spam,"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Yet I find my begurpled soul letting loose a barbaric YAWP"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "As Fnorkel continues to purr, and sneeze, At thy defunkdified churgle."
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Oh, blood-red eyes and tentacles! Throbbing, pulsing ventricles! Mucus-oozing pores, and frightful misquotes!Pardon my infin/SPLIT/itive, while I recover From glurfishly poor attempts to poke small, fninkel-wrought porks into Lewis Carroll poetry."
[Public] Laurenz has left this channel.
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Like a summer throughout which all of my Fninkle-flavored ice-cream-cones Melt with a glurpssshhhhiiiiiiinkish sound. While I snorfingly attempt to lick them!"
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "thank you…thank you, I'll be here all week."
[Public] Tiddly Winks Luke has left this channel.
[Public] Cheerilee Eric says, "Holy balls it works."

Vogon Poetry works by ModecaiModecai, 07 Apr 2011 22:10

My available times are of course completely random, but weekend evenings are mo' better for me in general. Even so, I would have to say please do not worry about my presence in planning this event. Thanks!

I sent this same @mail to people on the game and so now i'm putting it on the forum so y'all have a higher chance of seeing it and responding. Also I'm adding some new names to the list.

1. Pippa
2. Creed/Follows The Stream
4. Jagged Tide
5. Savage Stripes
6. Lina
7. Lia
8. Nell
9. Diego? (if the app gets in in time)

Please @mail me back about when you guys can dedicate a couple hours to sitting down and RPing to a plot. Let me know if you are particularly protective of your character (since I know some people as a general rule are not quite willing to let their characters die and I respect that).

We're gonna run a combat-oriented scene with a stealth mission for people who arent built for combat. Our goals are to tend to the Ochoa storage franchise's "problems" which include a fomori population that keeps growing thanks to what its branch owner is up to and taking down one of the flagship warehouses.

My personal availability time are weekends and weekdays after 8 or 9 PM CST. Sometimes I come online from 11 AM to 3 PM CST but I'm usually not able to actually ST because I am at work and so I can't dedicate attention to multiple people.

Our current idea of a date -
Saturday 9th April. Any time, leaning toward mid-day US, evening for Safrica.
Sunday mid-day for the US, evening for Africaland.

Kim and I aren't nonexistant! *single tear*

Re: To-Do List: The Saga by HeatmiserHeatmiser, 03 Apr 2011 16:56

Okay so, on the list for attending Diedrich's trial are:

1. Kira
2. Gabriel
3. Diedrich (but of course!)
4. Ethan
5. Elliot.
6. Lucas
7. Argyle

Those are our active Cam players. Now,
Kira and Gabriel and Diedrich, you all I can easily suspect your connecting times.'

Ethan I haven't seen online since 22 Mar, according to his +finger, I hope nothin' happened to him.

We should get the ball rolling on this one, or if Diedrich wants since it's his trial, we can off-screen it. Tell me your availabilities.

Mine are
Weekdays: after 7 PM CST
Weekends: All Saturday, Most of Sunday, again CST.

The generating gifts for their NPCs shouldn't take more than a couple seconds, I mean they'd have to roll them independently, but hey, unless you can figure it out fuck em'. As for the Sabbat code, I don't really see it being a necessary addition right now especially since the Sabbat pbase is basically non-existant.

Re: To-Do List: The Saga by hagashihagashi, 02 Apr 2011 05:28

Meh, somebody's gotta be the Cam's fist in this.

Pentex owned subsidiary Asclepius Technologies has opened a branch in Miami. Asclepius focuses on medicinal research and is one of the leading companies in the race for the cure for cancer. However something's not right. Every since the company has opened it's windowless high-tech facility on the outskirts of town young supernaturals have been vanishing. Vampire and Shifter alike.

Are these events connected? If they are for what purpose? What horrors lay deep inside the compound? What evils are waiting to be released?

If you're interested let me know in a reply to this.

Eh, can I get character name and species when you reply? heh

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