History Highlights

Here's information for people who would like to make Camarilla characters who have been around Miami, and also to establish some context!

Miami has always been a Sabbat city: just take a peek at the Player's Guide. It more or less still is because it's infested with the Sword of Caine, and the Camarilla teeters over this vile iceberg with just enough power to have confidence in its operations.

One of the 3 Miami bishops slighted Clan Nosferatu too deeply. The Nosferatu decided to make things interesting in the name of vengenace, spite, and entertainment and publicized a wealth of dirty little secrets about the Bishopric. They watched the fireworks as the rest of the Miami Sabbat ate most of their traitorous Bishopric alive.

In the more violent than expected aftermath of the Sabbat self-immolation, the Camarilla swooped into the opportunity of taking Miami. After all, it's a port city, it's a tourist trap money sink, and it's available. David Rennes, Nathan Bladewell, and Kira Dupree started buying up property and took the pains to dominate the police chief, the mayor, and city manager's collective thinktank into essentially pudding. Basically, it was a matter of time before they took advantage of the extent of their resources and became where they are, today. The Camarilla neonate population swelled, at least temporarily, as Independents shied away from the crazy. Life with the Sabbat can appeal to many a fledgeling, but … Not while the salesman is losing its shit.

As a whole, the Nosferatu did not intend to upset the status quo so deeply, and they aren't too fond of those who tugged the rug out from underneath them. The Camarilla oligarchy likely has a fair share of enemies thanks to the buying-out of properties and businesses, on top of, well, being Camarilla.


Here is a listing of our Miami Camarilla. Naturally, this information is for reference and not meant for characters who would not be in the know. Characters marked 'adoptable' mean that you are welcome to play this character. We don't allow someone to play a higher-up as their first character, but as a second or third, or, by RPing your way up to the top with your first character.

Population: The Camarilla enforces a resident limit of 30 vampires.

The Prince: David Rennes is a Toreador, an architect by profession, and an architect by nature.

Seneschal: Kira Dupree is known as the Dragon Lady, but not exactly to her face. This impressively tall woman serves as one of the Mayor's political consultants, and puppeteers him to this end.

Ventrue Primogen: Renard Blanchette (NPC, adoptable) would even make a Toreador roll his eyes. He is a feng sui afficionado who owns the Victorian and he used to be a high-bred financier for the gliteratti businesses on South Beach in his mortal life.

Malkavian Primogen: Nathan Bladewell (NPC, adoptable) is from Baltimore. He collects oracles amongst his Malkavians and has remained the primogen simply because he's a crafty bastard who can see the future.

Brujah Primogen: There is currently no Brujah Primogen.

Nosferatu Primogen: Matthew O'Hardy (NPC, adoptable) just wants everybody to get along. The other Nosferatu probably want to punch him in the face because he's a sellout. He was one of those guys you should be afraid of even amongst Nosferatu but his main failing is that he always wants to see the good in things in the end, at his core. He doesn't LIKE the Camarilla and frankly kinda' misses the Sabbat Bishopric he's half responsible for horribly slaughtering, but, it's probably a good idea to make the best of the situation you're in, right?

Gangrel Primogen: Anitadora Gutierrez (NPC, adoptable) was a loner in life and still is, and for all that she lacks in social confidence she makes up for in wit and subtlety. She is Primogen so that she may look out for her fellow Gangrel, because she feels protective of a clan that isn't predisposed to the subterfuge, circumstance, show-offiness and favor-currying the majority of the Camarilla finds such an innate talent in. She runs most of the Camarilla's extortion endeavors, was a practicioner of santeria in life, and takes a specific interest in Duncan Imports because of its open connections to the city's botanicas.


  • The Victorian (Hotel): Biscayne Boulevarde
  • Miami Tower (Renting/Leasing): Sky Lobby
  • Crobar (Nightclub): Upper Eastside
  • Art and Soul (Art Gallery): Midtown
  • Bayfront Park (Outdoor park): Downtown

Business Interests

Miami Tower: Renting and leasing
- This tower is a staple in the Miami skyline which is draped in a brilliant lightshow all nights of the year. It's purely renting and leasing, and boasts one hell of a Sky Lobby on the 11th floor that is home to catered events and a 150-seat theatre. Miami Tower makes about half of the Camarilla's annual budget and is an important investment.

Rennes Surrey Hayes Architects: Construction
A tenant in the Miami Tower building, RSH is an Architect, Engineer, Contractor company, David Rennes the nominal C.F.O. of the operation. His ghoul, Garrett MacClellan, runs the business and might as well own it, but Rennes holds on to nostalgia where he can afford to.

Greener Side Urban Planning and Land Development: Construction
- This powerful architectural firm was once a 3-man co-op inspired by a fuel crisis. Now, Greener Side works with such organizations as the U.S. Green Building Council and slides protection money under the table.

Duncan Imports: Wholesale Trade
- A Wholesale trade business, Duncan Imports lays claim over a chain of warehouses and storage barns and takes orders from manufacturers, dealing mostly in the trade of foods, herbs and spices. Their business caters also to the interest of a few botanicas. They pay protection money to the Camarilla.

Wesley Imports: Wholesale Trade
Another wholesale trade business that pays the same to the Camarilla. Wesley Imports deals chiefly in raw-materials in its small chain of warehouses.