Kids without family find acceptance, fame, and protection in gangs. Miami-Date county plays host to over 100 documented gangs, and a thick serving of them populate North Miami Beach, Allapattah, and Little Haiti and Havana. These gangs are usually Haitian, Hispanic, and to a lesser predominance, African-American. Most of this is violent drug trafficking. The population involved in gangs ranges from street-level peddlers to sophisticated drug suppliers. Drug peddling targets teenagers and youths for their recruits and dealers because at their young non-adult age, they are much more likely to receive a light sentence if they are caught.

West Coast gangs like the Bloods and Crips do make some presence in Miami, but many of the gang-members are parts of smalltime cliques that exist to represent their street or block rather than being large and elaborate exploits. Still, formidable names are ones such as Zoe Pound and the One Way Boys. Chicago based gangs operating in Miami include the Latin Kings, International Posse and Maniac Latin Disciples.


Being a port city with an exspansive airport, Miami is a perfect place for trafficking — goods, drugs, weapons, even humans. Usually organizations smuggle drugs and coordinate with kingpins and druglords, some of whom operate out of state, and own business fronts as petroleum, sugar, and coffee exporters.

Smuggling exploits can get elaborate and downright ingenous in arranging bulk deliveries from boathouse to warehouse, like modifying the suspension on cars so as to respond more bouncily despite all the rum running in the trunk, or the buoyancy of a boat to carry mountainous amounts of contraband without sitting low in the water.

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Extant IC gangs so far:

  • D Street Kings - This local gang is predominantly Haitian and deals in grey market goods (legal objects gotten illegally, like TVs and carparts) and local drug-trafficking. Their haunt extends through Miami Beach.
  • Los Canales - A mainly Cuban gang that operates out of Little Havana and whose reach bleeds into Allapattah, LC is named after its leader, Leonel Canales. Los Canales likewise handles drugs and even prostitution, but what is notable about this gang is that their crimes extend to business-level organizations that hide behind legitimate fronts in Allapattah's warehouse district.