Hurricane's Slew
Many Rokea in the Miami Beach area belong to Hurricane's Slew. Lead by the Brightwater, Jagged-Tide, they aren't here to discover more about human culture. They're here because Sea is angry, and her wrath comes with gnashing jaws and grinding teeth. So far, they've begun a campaign against a human plastics company, NSC, already having slain the CFO and his associates aboard a party yacht in the bay. Sea only knows that the hunt will not stop until Sea is safe.

OOC: If you're interested in playing a Rokea that's part of Hurricane's Slew, send an @mail to Jagged-Tide. Word of warning though, Jagged-Tide is neither a Betweener sympathizer nor a Betweener himself. Any Betweeners seeking acceptance in Hurricane's slew will have to work twice as hard as other members, as Jagged-Tide is not yet convinced of the usefulness and loyalty of the Betweener populace.