Avalon Incorporated

Fun for Today and Tomorrow

Who cares what the kids are playing with if mom and pop get a break now and then? Welcome to the cute, fuzzy, multimillion dollar world of the toy industry. Avalon Toys specializes in subtlety in its corruption. Their toys do not stink of Bane, but their underhanded techniques whittle at and chip away the self-esteem and composure of children everywhere. Granted, inanimate objects alone can not render an individual into a sociopath. However, they can provide an outlet and turn the world all the grayer by normalizing violence and self-loathing. For instance, their Action Bill toys each come with comics whose color-packed panels are ripping at the scenes with action and gore, and the shallow taglines of their CiCi dolls who talk about dieting and makeup when you fit their chique clothing onto their wasp waists suggest that perfection in your appearance is paramount. The toys of Avalon are faint in their scent of the Wyrm and might even go unnoticed, but a discernible taint reeks and sweats out of the factories and employees that step out of it. Red Talons probably won't give a damn about when it comes to protecting humans from Avalon's corruption and jading, but the Children of Gaia sure will, because a threat to humanity trickles down to being a threat to everyone.

NSC Plastics

Neeley Strahan Cochran Plastics is a provider and manufacturer of raw resins, packaging, appliances, molds, casts, and toys. Its main office and factories compete with the best for fame on the Biscayne. NSCP's shipments carry an acrid scent, and its presence is nearly ubiquitous in product and placement. They provide to Pristine Kitchens, a flatware, silverware and appliance magnate; Larsen Home and Lawn, a tools and appliance manufacturer for the Do It Yourselfer; and Desphande Medical, whose services include the canvassing of blood and the packaging of saline, glucose, and other intravenous solutions for inpatient surgery.

As of Late: After investing a lease with Miami's Gruene Miranda, Jeremy Cochran, the company CFO, was killed along with his family while on vacation in a freak boating accident. NSCP's team of accountants and managers are working to tie the loose strings that Cochran left his memorial to find a new heir.


It's not just a game, it's your new reality — lose yourself.

In today's increasingly sensationalist world, one company stands head and shoulders above its peers in the industry of electronic release. Tellus is a software magnate notable for frenzied, hard-hitting games that suck in the hard-core gamer and casual player alike. Tellus is the unquestioned "bad boy" of the video game industry, reveling in its attitude and appeal to older audiences. Remarkably, they also publish educational software for schools. Tellus cuts the bleeding edge of the line between reality and games right out. Despite the highly profitable nature of the industry, Tellus is peanuts compared to say, Microsoft. Much of its structure revolves around its C.E.O., who by force of personality and reputation has gained Tellus its current industry prestige. Abraham Riegel is actually pretty competent at both management and electronic wizardry. He and his "elite" have an iron lock on all the power at the company, which means that very little goes on that escapes their notice.


Pump Entertainment has recently taken on a contract with Tellus, updating its GrafX engine with the recent-most conquests of the physics and rendering engines of this Pentex subsidiary in return for producing new, hit titles. Pump deals in platformer, racing, and action-adventure games.

As of Late: Their latest exploit in the digital world is the horror-survival game Anasthesia. Pump's ad agencies have taken on a viral marketing campaign to wow the masses with its jaw-dropping graphics and boiling adrenaline.
Fight deadly sewer snakes and terrifying croc-men in a heart-pounding battle that will take you from downtown Miami to beyond the stars! Play ass-kicking hero Baron von Pain as he curb-stomps his way through battalions of screaming foes. Fun for the whole family!
Rated 'M' for Mature.

Avalon Incorporated and Tellus are companies whose description and information are derived directly from the book Subsidiaries: Guide to Pentex by White Wolf Publishing Studios and are fictional companies not created anybody on TRB. NSC, Pump, GrafX and other companies cited on this page are likewise fictional.