Sabbat Roster

For all of the Sabbat's tenacity and grit, the sect does lack structure. The positions are held by only the most fervent (fanatic?) vampires, regardless of generation.

Arch-Bishop: Warren Chevalier (Lasombra, NPC)

Known Miami Packs

  • Wynwood Sabbat
    • Bishop - Mary Benson (Lasombra)
      • Templar - Grant Kavanagh (Malkavian)
      • Templar - Dasha Mikhailovna (Tzimisce)
    • Priest - Antanas Vilkas (Tzimisce)
  • Los Canales
    • Bishop - Bastion Kincaid (True Brujah)
      • Templar - Tina Blanchette (Lasombra, NPC)
    • Priest - Guadalupe Rianda (Gangrel, NPC)

Los Canales

A mainly Cuban gang that operates out of Little Havana and whose reach bleeds into Allapattah, LC is named after its leader, Leonel Canales. Their business is drugs and prostitution, but what is notable about this gang is that their crimes extend to business-level organizations that hide behind legitimate fronts in Allapattah's warehouse district.

The ringleaders of the Los Canales gang are ruthless and armed with a disturbing readiness to die for their agendas. These higher-ups are Sabbat, or ghouls striving for their creation rites as they round up the young without family or purpose for mass embraces.

The Sabbat of Wynwood

There is a pack without a name in nicer streets in Miami, and they operate with a structure and silence that is suited for business-level crimes. Their Tzimisce leaders are alien and function like personified passions long lost of humanity, and see little sense in flaunting their namesake on the streets. They're no gang. They're an organization, and their image is perfect, quiet, ruthless, and extending its reach to Miami's ports to further its search for the Antediluvians.