Get Of Fenris Lore

Get of Fenris Lore 1: What a Cub or Cliath would know

  • You know enough about to stop from being slapped around too much by the Elders
  • You have heard a few of the stories of the Gifts and Rites the Adren Fenrir know of.
  • You know that the Delirium caused many of the stories of the Norse and Danes to confuse Fenrir and his allies to be considered deadly, but do not in what way.
  • You have heard of some of the Camps
  • You know that not all Fenrir were on the side of the Nazi's during WWII
  • You know what the Fenrir consider the 14th law of the Litany

Get of Fenris Lore 2: What a Fostern would know

  • You know all the terms the Fenrir use for Auspice and breed, instead of what the poor Fianna have inscribed
  • You know that you must use these terms in front of Elders…
  • You know all the basic Camps, The Fangs, The Valkyries, The Thunder, The Hand.
  • You have heard of the other Camps
  • You have an inkling of the Norse Runes
  • You know some stories of the local Fenrir in your area
  • You know how to behave at Formal and informal Moots
  • You have heard of past Legends of the Tribe
  • You know what Fenris holds his Get to and their goals.

Get of Fenris Lore 3: What an Adren would know

  • You know the powers that Fenrir can bestow upon you, if you live long enough
  • You know of the The Fists and The Swords.
  • You have heard rumors that there maybe secret Camps of the Fenrir
  • You know some of the past Legends of the Tribe,
  • You know how the history of the Vikings was broken from the Delirium, and know the truth of who is blessed by Fenris and Gaia
  • You know quite a bit about the Norse Runes, and may even draw upon them to see how your day will fare
  • You have heard who is on the Council of War and who is the World Jarl
  • You know local Jarls in the protectorate/continent
  • You know a little bit about the Swedes, Finns, Teutons, Germanics, and Rus, who followed the Fenrir long ago.
  • You know of some of the spirits that Fenris allows his Get to follow.
  • You know your lineage quite well.

Get of Fenris Lore 4: What an Athro or Elder would know

  • You know all Fenrir in your protectorate
  • You have quite a bit of knowledge of your fellow Jarls in the protectorate
  • You have heard of some of the Jarls throughout the World
  • Casting Runes is a daily practice. You could possibly do so for others.
  • You know of some of the lost powers of the Fenrir through out time
  • Of the Norse Gods and Heroes, you know who were Fenrir or their Kin, and who was made up by the Norse.
  • Of those who followed the Norse, you know what was caused by the Delirium, and what the Fenrir hold true
  • You know why the Fenrir bare such strong grudges against the other Tribes, from stories of long, long ago.
  • You know some of the songs that bind the Fenrir with the Corax.
  • You know the different spirits that follow under Fenris' brood.

Get of Fenris Lore 5: What an Legend would know

  • You know much about the Fenrir in your Protectorate, and quite a bit about alot of those outside of it
  • You know quite a bit about all the Jarls of the World
  • You can trace back many generations to some of the first of the children of Fenris your line, and many other Fenrir.
  • You know all grudges of the Tribe, and Fenris himself.
  • You know quite a few secrets of the enemy, secrets about their weaknesses.
  • You know much about the Legends of the Fenrir before the Viking Era.