Ghost Lore

Ghost Lore 1:

  • Ghosts exist. Maybe.
  • Ghosts are trapped- haunting places where they died or were buried, or the people who killed them.
  • Sometimes ghosts can be animals or buildings, as well as people.
  • Ghosts have all kinds of strange powers, and manifest as cold spots.

Ghost Lore 2:

  • Not all dead people become ghosts.
  • Some ghosts are malicious and violent. Others are merely unstable.
  • Some people can hear and talk to ghosts.
  • Ghosts are vulnerable to sea salt, rose petals, exorcism, or threatening their living loved ones.
  • Not all ghosts have the same powers.
  • Ghosts have some unfinished business. Once this is resolved, they will move on.

Ghost Lore 3:

  • Not all ghosts are sentient.
  • Ghosts like Mediums.
  • Ghosts have sharp senses.
  • Disbelief hurts a ghost.
  • Walking through a ghost upsets it and may hurt it.
  • Ghosts sometimes appear in groups.
  • Sea salt and other old wives tales have no effect on a ghost, and most priests can’t perform a proper exorcism.

Ghost Lore 4:

  • Very few people actually become ghosts.
  • Strong emotion gives a ghost power.
  • Some ghosts have a dark side, like an evil twin.
  • Ghosts can rise from the dead by taking over a living body.
  • Destroying objects that a ghost is fond of sends them away.

Ghost Lore 5:

  • Ghosts have their own society.
  • Ghosts carry the marks of how they died.
  • A ghost’s dark side can take over permanently.
  • Some magic might keep ghosts away, or even destroy them.
  • There are things in the Afterlife other than ghosts.