Get Of Fenris

Rank One

Razor Claws
By raking his claws over stone or another hard surface, the Ahroun hones them to razor sharpness. Either a cat- or bear-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Rage point, and the Ahroun must take a full turn to sharpen her claws. For the remainder of the scene, her claw attacks do an additional die of damage.

Resist Pain
As the Philodox Gift**Through force of will, the Philodox is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Willpower point; his character may ignore all wound penalties for the rest of the scene.

Visage of Fenris
The Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing her foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation. Only one success is necessary to affect non-Garou and Garou of equal rank. To affect Garou of higher rank, the player must score a number of successes equal to twice the difference of rank between the Garou and the target. For example, for a Rank 1 Garou to affect a Rank 5 Garou would require eight successes (not very likely). Allies and peers affected by this Gift see the Get as impressive and noble (-1 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls). Foes pause for a moment to summon the resolve necessary to fight such a monster (losing one from their initiative ratings). This Gift lasts for one scene.

Rank Two

Halt the Coward's Flight
The Garou may slow a fleeing (not charging) foe, making him easier to catch. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Garou must spend one turn concentrating, and the player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). If the roll succeeds, the target's speed is halved for one scene.

Snarl of the Predator
The Garou lets out a feral snarl that terrifies opponents and cows them into submission. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the opponent's Wits +3). Each success subtracts one die from an opponents's dice pools for the next turn. This Gift takes one full turn to invoke.

Troll Skin
With this Gift, a Garou can make her skin grow tough and thick, covered with warty knots of hard, armored flesh. This Gift is taught by an Earth Elemental.
System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). For each success, the Garou receives one extra die on her soak roll. This Gift does not protect against fire or silver, and lasts for one scene. However, when imbued with Troll Skin, the Garou is +1 difficulty on Social rolls due to the ugly skin and its accompanying Smell.

Wearing the Bear Shirt
When a Garou with this Gift frenzies, he will always enter a berserk frenzy, never a fox frenzy. This Gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.
System: No roll is required once this Gift is learned, the effects are automatic. In addition, the Garou can make a Willpower roll to resist any Gifts, Disciplines, Arcanos or other powers that incite fear, even if a resistance roll is normally not allowed.

Sense Guilt
The Hand of Tyr camp specializes in the use and misuse of this Gift. By staring into the eyes of another, the Get can sense whether the target harbors guilt for some past offense. The most experienced Get can even get a feeling for what sort of crime transpired. Unfortunately, a few Get have been known to take advantage of this Gift by "sensing" guilt where none exists or by blackmailing Garou after a successful reading. A Crow-spirit teaches this Gift

Rank Three

Might of Thor
The Garou can increase his strength tremendously, the better to slay his foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis and one Rage, then rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). The Garou's Strength doubles for one turn per success. After the Gift wears off, the Get is weakened considerably (Physical Attributes are considered 1, and Willpower is halved) until he can rest for at least one hour.

Venom Blood
The Garou may change her blood into a black, acidic bile that poisons anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with it. A snake- or spider-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Rage point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 7). Anyone coming into contact with the Garou's blood for the duration of the scene tales one die of aggravated damage per success o the first roll.

Loki's Touch
Ragabash get only: With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter or simply to have a better sense of humor. This Gift is taught by any Trickster spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel).
System: The Garou must touch an opponent and roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equal to the Rage plus the Rank of the target; maximum difficulty of 10). The fits of laughter will last for one round per success, during which time the target may not take any offensive action, although he may defend himself if attacked.

Mark The Enemy
A specialized power developed by the Swords of Heimdall, this Gift marks the target with a mystical brand that only this Gift's users can see. The Swords use this brand to label their enemies so that all other Swords can see the threat. An avatar of Fenris himself teaches his children to identify their enemies thus.
System: By laying her hand on the target and successfully rolling Manipulation + Occult (Difficulty 8), the Get can mark her enemy. Other Swords who know the Gift can see the mark with a successful Perception + Occult roll (difficulty 8). Any Garou who knows the Gift can remove the effect.

Rank Four

Hero's Stand
The Garou channels the strength of Gaia herself, becoming one with the earth upon which he stands. While he may not retreat or even move from the spot for the duration of the Gift, he gains many powers through Gaia's might. An earth elemental teaches this Gift
System: The player rolls Willpower (difficulty 8). Each success grants one extra die to all Physical dice pools. Also, the Garou may not be surprised, and all attacks are considered frontal. The Garou may not move until all does have been defeated or have fled.

Scream of Gaia
The Garou emits a horrible, ragged scream imbued with Rage and the pain of Gaia. The force of he scream batters foes and knocks them off their feet. Storm-spirits, which the Get call Sturms, teach this Gift.
System: The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Rage. Everyone within a 50-foot radius is blasted to the ground to suffer one health level of bashing damage per success as a shockwave rips through the area.

Berserker's Song
The Get can sing himself into a controlled frenzy. He can ignore wounds, shift to Crinos immediately, and he is immune to many mental Gifts or Charms. In this state, unlike a normal frenzy, the Get can pull out of the frenzy at any time. An angry Wolverine-spirit or Bear-spirit teaches this Gift to the Get.
System: The Garou spends two rage points and begins singing his particular song of Rage (many young Get prefer "death metal"). The number of successes on a Stamina + Expression (or Performance) roll (difficulty 6) equals the number of rounds the frenzy lasts. She can drop the frenzy earlier by spending a Willpower point.

Rank Five

Horde of Valhalla
The Garou who uses this Gift must be in good standing with his tribe's totem, and he must have a great need for aid, for he is asking help of Fenris himself. This Gift — taught by an avatar of Fenris — summons great wolves to come to the Garou's aid.
System: The player spends as much Rage and/or Gnosis as he wishes and rolls Charisma + Animal Ken. If successful, a number of spirit wolves appear from the Umbra to do battle with the Garou's does. The number of wolves is equal to the number of points spent by the player. The wolves are functionally identical to the wolves of the Great Hunt. They remain for one entire scene.

Fenris' Bite
The Garou's already vicious bite increases in power terribly, to the point that the Garou can mangle or ever sever limbs with a single bite. An avatar of Fenris teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Rage point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty of the opponents's Stamina + 3). The Garou's next bite attack, if it hits, will mangle and disable one of the target's limbs, inflicting three automatic unsoakable, aggravated health levels of damage in addition to any damage already rolled. The limb is rendered useless until the tare can regenerate the damage, or permanently in the case of humans and other creatures who do not regenerate. If the player achieves five or more successes on the Strength + Medicine roll, the limb is severed.

Endurance of Heimdall
This powerful Gift grants the Garou great endurance and hardiness for a time. This Gift is taught by a Boar-spirit.
System: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Willpower (difficulty 6). If successful, the Garou's Stamina rating is doubled for The duration of the scene. This will aid Stamina and Soak rolls.

Strength of the Einherjar
This Gift allows a Get to call upon his greatest ancestors, the heroes of Valhalla, the Einherjar, for assistance. It is only used in dire situations, when the lives of more than one Garou are endangered. Calling on the strength of the Einherjar allows a Get to increase his Attributes substantially for a limited time. The Einherjar come to the aid of a Get only in times of great peril, and punish any Get who attempts to call on them without need. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
System: Only Get with at lease one dot in the Past Life Background may learn this Gift. The Get spends one Rage point and rolls Charisma + Rituals (difficulty 10); she may subtract one from the difficulty for every dot she has in Past Life. During the casting of this Gift, she must carve the specific runes of her ancestors into her flesh. For each success, she may add one dot to any Attribute, or distribute the dots to different attributes. If the Storyteller believes this Gift has been used inappropriately, the Einherjar will still give assistance, but then turn on their descendant, permanently removing a number of Attribute dots equal to those they granted. They will show no mercy.