Glass Walkers

Level One

Control Simple Machine
The Garou may command the spirits of the simplest machines, causing levers to flip, doors to unbolt, pulleys to roll and so on. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
System: Spend a Willpower point and roll Manipulation + Crafts (difficulty 7). The Garou's control lasts until the end of the scene.

At a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. He can then enlist the aid of the machine's spirit in repairing the faulty device. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
System: The player roll Perception + Crafts to determine the problem. She then spend one Gnosis point as the Garou mentally convinces the spirit to aid her in fixing it. (Most such spirits are happy to do so — they don't want to be junk!). The time to fix the device is halved, and the player may subtract any successes on the Perception + Crafts roll from the successes necessary to fix the device (see Repair, p. 198).

Trick Shot
This Gift allows the Garou to execute brilliant feats of sharpshooting, such as shooting a weapon from an opponent's hand or firing down the barrel of an enemy's gun. The Garou cannot use this Gift to harm an opponent directly, however, and he can use Trick Shot only with rifles or pistols. Air-spirits teach this Gift.
System: The player adds the character's permanent Glory rating to his dice pool when performing a really outlandish shooting trick. Again, this Gift does not allow direct damage to targets, but it can be used to injure opponents indirectly. The effects are permanent.

Sense Weaver
The Garou may sense Weaver energies or spirits in the nearby area. This Gift is taught by any Gaian spirit.
System: The Garou roll Perception + Science against a difficulty determined by the Storyteller based on the strength of the presence.

Level Two

By studying both his natural senses ad the sensory capabilities of machines, the Garou may exchange the former for the latter, He may choose to exchange normal hearing for radar, or ordinary sight for infrared or UV sight. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
System: Spend one Gnosis point per sense affected, and roll Perception + Science to activate the Garou's new senses. This Gift lasts for one scene.

Power Surge
By speaking with electricity spirits, the Garou causes a blackout over a widespread area. An electricity elemental teaches this Gift.
System: Spend one Gnosis point and roll Wits + Science (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines how large an area is blacked out. One success would black out a single room, while five would cut the power to a whole neighborhood.

Pennies From Heaven
The Garou can convince money spirits to improve the value of his money by changing the denominations of the coinage or currency. This Gift is taught by money spirits. Glass Walker financial managers frown on the blatant use of this Gift, since it tends to attract the attention of other supernaturals who are concerned with money (such as the mage Syndicate). If too much of this mutant money hits the market too quickly, there will surely be supernatural retribution from other parties.
System: Spend one Gnosis point and roll Charisma + Politics. The difficulty depends on the final desired denomination. It doesn't matter what the money already is, although few Garou will change dollars into pennies at a loss. The amount of money changed depends on the number of successes.

Currency DC Succs Yield
Penny 3 1 5
Nickel 4 2 10
Dime 5 3 20
Quarter 6 4 50
Dollar bill 7 5 100
Five dollar bill 8
Twenty dollar bill 9
Any other currency 10

Steel Fur
Garou with this Gift can temporarily convert their fur into steel. This Gift is taught by metal or earth elementals.
System: Spend one Willpower point and roll Stamina + Science (DC 7). Each success adds one to the Garou's soak dice pool. The effect lasts for one scene or until the Garou decides to stop. While this Gift is active, the Garou suffers a +1 DC to all Social rolls (except among Glass Walkers) and Dexterity roll.

Heat Metal
This gift allows a Garou to heat metal objects. Roll Intelligence + Repair, and spend one Gnosis point. The DC depends on the metal's melting point: lead is less difficult than steel. If cast on a sword, it will do heat damage to the victim but also to the wielder, unless he has protection; the hot metal will do one level of aggravated damage to anyone failing their soak roll. This can be used to forge metals.

Rank Three

Control Complex Machine
The Garou may converse with and command the spirits of electronic devices such as computers, video games and cars. One learns (or steals) this Gift from a Net-Spider.
System: Spend one Willpower point and roll Manipulation + Science (or Computer). The Storyteller sets the DC based on how complex the machine actually is (usually 8). The Garou's control lasts for one scene

Elemental Favor
By begging, threatening, or cajoling an urban elemental, a Garou can convince the spirit to do her a favor by manipulating or even destroying her earthly shell. Thus, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou's foes, a door might refuse to open, even if unlocked, or a car's brakes might fail. An urban elemental teaches this Gift.
System: The player roll Charisma + Subterfuge (DC of the spirit's Gnosis). The Storyteller determines the precise effects.

Data Flow
This Gift allows a Glass Walker to manipulate a computer without touching it. By closing her eyes and concentrating, she can make out visual data from the computer with her inner eye, and "hear" noises the computer makes.
System: Wits + Computer, DC seven, and the Garou must spend a Gnosis point to make the connection. The connection lasts up to an hour, or until the Garou is taken from the line of sight of the computer. Any Garou using this Gift must concentrate, and thus receives a +3 to all Perception difficulties.

Allows a Garou to use pseudoscience to create minor gadgets and devices to get him out of a fix.
System: Intelligence + Repair, generally DC 8, but this can be easier or harder depending on how crazy the idea is. A Gnosis point must be spent to bend the laws of physics.

Web Walker
This Gift allows a Glass Walker to move along the Pattern Web through the Umbra.
System: Weaver spirits will ignore the Glass Walker on a roll of Charisma + Science DC 7. Spend 2 Gnosis.

Rank Four

The Garou may commune with the spirits of a city or town and gain information about the area from them, including rough population, enclaves of Garou or other beings and secret tunnels. This Gift does not function in the wilderness. A rat-spirit or cockroach spirit teaches this Gift.
System: Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Streetwise. The amount and accuracy of the information depend on the number of successes rolled. On a botch, playful spirits lie.

The Garou may take the exact likeness of any other human, wolf or Garou. A chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: Spend one Gnosis point and roll Charisma + Performance (DC 8). Traits aren't duplicated, but everything else, including voice, posture and scent, is identical. The effects last for one day per success.

Tech Speak
By mentally interfacing with the machine, the Garou can send communications through any technological device. By concentrating her will upon the individual(s) whom she wishes to communicate with, communication devices will project the information at the intended individuals: telephones shout, stereos blare and printers print out the message. If no communication device is present, other devices can be activated: alarms will go off, lights flash or plumbing turns on. This Gift is taught by Pattern Spiders.
System: 1 Gnosis, roll Manipulation + Science, DC distance-variable. Amount of successes determine how much gets through.

Distance DC
Next room 4
A block 6
A mile 7
Time zone 8
Anywhere in the world 9

Tractor Beam
The Garou can transport non-dedicated objects with her to the Umbra when she steps sideways. She may not take living creatures, only objects. This Gift is taught by Weaver spirits.
System: The Garou spend one Willpower point for each object brought over to the Umbra. It must be something she can carry and it must weigh no more than her own weight. However, two or more Garou with this Gift can team up and carry larger items into the Spirit World. This does not emit an actual beam, it's just named Tractor Beam.

Camera Eye
The Garou can "film" events simply by looking at them. They will be recorded on the retina and can later be transferred to videotape or still film.
System: Any sight that the Garou witnesses can be captured with the expenditure of a Gnosis point and a roll of Perception + Alertness (DC 5). To transfer the images to a viewable medium (video, photos, etc.), the Garou must stare at the object (tape, film roll, etc.) and spend a Willpower point. If the Garou wishes to take pictures or shots that can pass as art, she can implement Performance.

Phone Travel
Step sideways into the phone net and instantly step out again on the other end, one simple phone call away. He must first dial the number to which he wishes to go and someone must answer. The phone receiver must be physically picked up — the Garou cannot travel if he gets an answering machine.

Long Running
Decrease actual travel time between two points while driving in a vehicle. The number of successes on this roll dictates the amount of time saved. The Garou effectively travels for brief moments into a timeless zone of the Umbra, thus decreasing the amount of time needed to travel from place to place.
System: 1 Gnosis, Roll Dexterity + Drive (or Athletics for a bicycle) DC Gauntlet rating.

Succs Change
Botch +25%
1 -5%
2 -10%
3 -25%
4 -50%
5 -75%
6+ -80%

Corner Shot
This Gift allows gunfire to wrap around comers and hit targets out of sight.
System: Roll Perception + Firearms, DC nine, and spend a Gnosis point. The range is the range of the weapon. Only single shots can be fired with this Gift — autofire will not work.

Virtual Umbra
This Gift allows a Glass Walker to be instantly transported into the Computer Web from any section of the Pattern Web.
System: Spend 1 Gnosis point and roll Intelligence + Computers DC of 8. The Glass Walker may transport willing companions with him at a DC of 10.

Rank Five

Chaos Mechanics
Werewolves pulse with the Wyld's energy, of course, but all creatures with form and nature have something of the Weaver in them, or so the Glass Walkers argue. Upon learning this Gift, The Glass Walker reconciles these two sides of his being, and he can summon primal energy and mystical form at the same time.
System: A Garou with this Gift may use Rage and Gnosis in the same turn with no penalty. Doing so allows the Garou to use Rage actions to activate fetishes and use Gifts requiring Gnosis (provided that said Gift does not take a full turn to enact). What's more important is that it allows the Garou to take Rage actions in the same turn that he steps sideways, provided that the player roll enough successes to get to or from the Umbra instantly. This Gift's effects are permanent.

Summon Net-Spider
The Garou can summon a Net-Spider, a Weaver spirit that gives its summoner near-absolute control over any computer system. The Spider can disrupt, erase or destroy whatever system it is sent into (the exact effects are left to the Storyteller, but are typically destructive). An avatar of Cockroach teaches this Gift.
System: Spend one Gnosis point and roll Charisma + Computer (DC 8). If successful, the Net-Spider appears and heeds the Garou's commands. This Gift allows the Garou to halve all computer-related difficulties along with the aforementioned destructive capacity of the spirit.

Calm the Flock
The Garou may walk among humans without accidentally evoking the Curse or the Delirium. This allows her to live among humans and maintain a family. The effects, however, do not last for long. This Gift is taught by a homid Ancestor┬Ěspirit.
System: The Garou roll Manipulation + Subterfuge (DC 7). The number of successes indicates the number of hours that the effect lasts.