Shadow Lords

Rank One

Aura of Confidence
The Garou projects a demeanor of control and superiority, preventing attempts to find flaws or read auras. This Gift does not prevent supernatural attempts to read the Garou's thoughts, although it may make doing so difficult (Storyteller's discretion). An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 7) to activate the Gift; the effects last for one scene.

Fatal Flaw
The Shadow Lord can discern a target's weakness, granting an advantage in combat. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
System: The Shadow Lord must concentrate for one full turn. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty of the target's Wits + Subterfuge). Success grants the Garou an extra die of damage during combat with that target. Additional successes grant knowledge of further weaknesses (although no further damage bonus is gained). Five successes reveal all of the target's flaws.

Seizing the Edge
To the Shadow Lords, there is no possible way for a contest to be even. If neither competitor wins, they both lose. This Gift allows the Garou to swing the balance, ever so slightly, in her favor. A spirit servant of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift.

Rank Two

Clap of Thunder
The Garou slams her hands together and creates a mighty thunderclap that stuns those who hear it. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point. All characters within 10 feet, friend or foe, must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or be stunned for one scene. The Garou must be in Homid, Glabro, or Crinos form to use this Gift.

Luna's Armor
The Garou may call for Luna's protection in battle. This Gift even allows limited resistance to silver. A Lune teaches this Gift.
System: The Garou concentrates for one full turn, and the player spends a Gnosis point and rolls base Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7). The player may add one die per success to the Garou's soak pool for the rest of the scene. These bonus dice may also be used to soak silver damage, but only these dice. For example, if the Garou's Stamina is 4 and the players rolls three successes, the Garou has seven dice to soak non-silver damage and three to soak silver.

Cold Voice of Reason
A cunning Shadow Lord can talk his way out of just about anything, If a Lord is attacked by another Garou, the Shadow Lord may invent a clever remark that will detain his attacker for at least one round. This gift is taught by a Crow-spirit.
System: The Garou spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (Difficulty 8). The attacker is detained one round for each success as Long as he, in turn, is not attacked, If the target is assaulted, the effect of the oratory wears off, and the victim may resume his attack, A botch with this Gift will cause the attacker to go into Frenzy.

The Shadow Lord can place a nasty boil or dishonorable scar on the target. She can disfigure her rival in embarrsing ways that rob him of prestige in the presence of other Garou. Although the lesion isn't physically handicapping, it certainly limits the victim's social grace. A Baboon-spirit or Toad-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Manipulation + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7) and spends a Willpower point. The disfigurement subtracts two dice from all the target's Social rolls. The scar or blemish heals at the end of one scene.

Rank Three

Direct The Storm
Having a packmate who is prone to frenzy isn't safe for anyone. With this Gift, the Shadow Lord can direct the primal instincts of a frenzied Garou - friend or foe - causing him to attack targets of the Lord's choice. A Stormcrow teaching this Gift.
System: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Willpower (difficulty of the target's Rage). Success indicates that the Shadow Lord controls the target's frenzy and can set him on anyone she chooses. Using this Gift on a Garou in the Thrall of the Wyrm is possible, but doing so requires the player to roll Rage (difficulty 7) - to check for frenzy for her own character.

Paralyzing Stare
The Shadow Lord directs a terrifying glare at a target, causing her to freeze in terror. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point, and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Each success freezes the target in place for one turn. The target must be able to see the Garou.

Icy Chill of Despair
The Garou can assume a frightening aspect, seeming to grow larger, more looming, shadowy and terrible. Viewers will hesitate and stall in fear. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
System: The Garou concentrates for a turn, spends a Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (difficulty 7). If successful, enemies viewing this sight must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), scoring a number of successes equal to the successes of the Garou; failure means that the victims must spend Willpower to attack, take action against or even verbally oppose the Garou. The victims are not controlled by her, merely too cowed to struggle against her. This effect lasts for the rest of the scene.

Raven's Wings
The Garou with this Gift may send a portion of her spirit out of her body in the form of a raven. The raven can see and hear, but it cannot affect the physical world. It is invulnerable to attacks, however, This Gift is taught by a Raven-spirit.
System: The Garou spends one Gnosis and rolls Wits + Occult (difficulty 6). The raven may be sent five miles away for every success on the roll. If it goes past this range, the (Gift is canceled. While this Gift is in use, the Garou must concentrate to use the raven's senses and may take no other actions in the same turn in which he is communing with the raven.

Summon Stormcrow
The Judges of Doom learned this blessing from Grandfather Thunder himself. The Stormcrows, some of Grandfather Thunder's servants, come to the aid of those Garou who activate this Gift. Acting as spies, the Stormcrows follow anybody the Judge chooses and report back all they learn. Rumors speak of networks of Stormcrows that pass information back and forth like a telephone line.
System: To call a 'crow, the Judge must roll Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 8) and spend a Gnosis point. He may give the crow a single command, such as "Follow the Red Talon and report his activities" or "Keep an eye on the Theurge elder." The Stormcrow is invisible to everyone except individuals in the Umbra. The target must roll her Perception (difficulty 9) or employ a Gift to see a Stormcrow in the Umbra.

Curse of Corruption
The Shadow Lords, never a tribe to play fair, designed this Gift to discredit their rivals. Victims of this curse find themselves doubted by even their staunchest allies. Despite a target's most noble exertions, no one believes anything he has to say until the curse fades. A Jackal-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The Shadow Lord rolls her Gnosis against a difficulty equal to the target's Gnosis. The number of success indicates the number of turns the victim suffers from the curse. Until it fades, everything the victim says sounds dishonest. The Shadow Lord must spend a Willpower point to activate this Gift.

Rank Four

Open Wounds
The Garou may cause the next wound he inflicts to bleed profusely, weakening the target further. A pain-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Strength + Medicine (difficulty 7). If the Shadow Lord's next attack does any damage, the target will bleed continuously, losing one health level per turn for a number of turns equal to the number of successes rolled. This hemorrhaging is considered lethal damage.

Strength of the Dominator
The Garou draws on a target's anger to feed his own. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Wits + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). For a number of turns equal to the successes scored, the target will lose a point of Rage per turn, while the Shadow Lord gains that Rage. The character can use this Gift only once per target per scene.

Seeds of Doubt
By careful deliberation, the Shadow Lord may convince a listener of one false idea.
System: The Shadow Lord spends one point of Gnosis and makes an opposed Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 8) roll against the listener's Wits + Subterfuge (difficulty 8). If the Shadow Lord succeeds, the listener will believe the lie, as long as it is not actively harmful to him (i.e., "You can walk on air" or "Fire is easily digestible.") If the listener succeeds, he will realize that he is being tricked. If the caster botches, the listener will frenzy.

Rank Five

With the power of this Gift, the Shadow Lord becomes the ultimate alpha, compelling all others to follow her orders. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift.
System: The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Leadership (difficulty 8). All in the vicinity must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) and match or exceed the Garou's successes to avoid the effects of the Gift. If the werewolf wins by one success, the targets follow any orders they don't mind following. Getting three successes means that the targets will treat the Garou as their alpha and fight for him. Getting five success means that the targets will follow him into the Abyss or perform other virtually suicidal actions.

Shadow Pack
The Garou summons up shadowy duplicates of himself to stand by him in battle. These shadow-wolves resemble the Shadow Lord and have some of the same capabilities. A night-spirit teaches this Gift.
System: The player rolls Gnosis (difficulty 8) and spends a variable number of Gnosis points. For each point spent, the Garou summons a shadow-duplicate. These duplicates have the same Attributes and Abilities as the Garou, but they may not use Gnosis or Willpower. Each has only one health level (i.e., any attack that is not soaked destroys it). The duplicates fade at the end of the scene.