Giovanni Lore

Giovanni Lore 1: What a recently embraced childe would know.

  • The Giovanni seem to be distrusted by other vampires.
  • The Giovanni seem to leave other vampires alone, and vice versa.
  • The Giovanni pursue Necromancy, money, and the means to aquire both.
  • Mortals don't have the same reaction from being bit from a Giovanni, compared to other vampires.
  • All Giovanni seem to be all related either by blood or marriage.

Giovanni Lore 2: What a neonate would know.

  • Giovanni shouldn't teach Necromancy to *anyone* else.
  • The Giovanni and the Camarilla have an "understanding" called the Promise that keeps you out of each other's face.
  • Not all Giovanni were Giovanni when they were mortal.
  • The Giovanni is the youngest Clan, but asking about it might be a bad idea. An exceptionally bad idea.
  • The popular notion is that Family is the Family. Sects are for losers.

Giovanni Lore 3: What an established Giovanni would know. This indicates time, experience, and a willingness for self-study

  • The Treaty of 1528 'Promises' that the Giovanni will not interfere in any Kindred affairs.
  • The Giovanni Clan Head is Augustus Giovanni, who should not be talked about.
  • You have heard of the Path of Bones, and may be on the Path yourself.
  • Its observed that Wraiths stick together in sects, such as the Haunters, like vampires do.
  • Quite familiar with the Clan Hierarchy of Don - Consigliare - Primo Consigliere - Bruglione - Augustus.

Giovanni Lore 4: What an older Giovanni or a student of the Clan would know, indicates personal time spent researching items that might detract in some fashion from current events or happenings.

  • There's a rumor that Augustus diablerized his way to the top in the Dark Ages.
  • It's been rumored that there are even more Necromantic Paths out there.
  • It's been rumored that Necromancists can write their own Rituals.
  • You know better than to attempt to contact Venice without talking to your Don first.

Giovanni Lore 5: What an dedicated Giovanni researcher would know. Possessing this level indicates a dedication to research and study as well as the pursuit of new information and knowledge

  • You have heard rumors of the Premascines.
  • The rumors of other Necromantic Paths out there seem to be true.
  • You have heard rumors of other practicioners of Necromancy.
  • Its been rumored that the Clan the Giovanni eliminated were the Cappadoacians.

Giovanni Lore 6: What a dedicated Giovanni scholar is able to find out after centuries of research,or with access to the secrets of the Mausoleum. Only a handful of characters should have this level. Information at this level would shock other Giovanni.

  • You have gained some familiarity with the existance of other Necromantic Paths.
  • You have heard rumors about some 'rending of the Shroud plan'.
  • You may have heard about the Najaraja, and that wraiths fear the "Harbringers of Skulls".
  • You may have discovered evidence of the existance of the Premascines.

Giovanni Lore 7: What only the most dedicated Giovanni scholar would know after centuries of study and research. Secrets here are often kept in the hands of Augustus and his advisors. The secrets of the Jyhad lie herein.

  • Has a confident knowledge and opinion of the Najaraja and Premascines.
  • May have once spoken to Augustus himself.
  • Has a confident knowledge of the planned rending of the Shroud.
  • Has heard suspicions as to what the Harbringers of Skulls *really* are.