Gurahl Lore

Gurahl Lore 1: The Bearly Informed

  • Shapeshifting Bears exist and seek to keep themselves hidden from the world
  • Basic understanding of the conflict between Weaver, Wyrm and Wyld
  • Understanding on a basic level the responsibility a Gurahl carries
  • Knows a Gurahl's basic birthrights (shapechanging, contact with the spirits) and how they are used
  • Social standing and reputation is based on a rank system
  • Rank system is based on Honor, Succor and Wisdom
  • Spirits can gift a Gurahl with individual powers
  • The Corax are one of the most common changers after Garou
  • Gurahl are incredibly rare and are a dying breed of the Bete

Gurahl Lore 2: Broad Familiarity with the Legends (Suggested minimum level for starting PCs)

  • Has a basic understanding of the major events in Gurahl history
  • Understands the War of Rage and how heavily the Gurahl suffered
  • Has heard of other Shifters through rumors and legends
  • Knows the strong affinity of the Gurahl to the Wyld
  • Gurahl change auspice as they mature
  • May have heard vague rumors about the Near Umbral realms
  • Knows some of the gifts available to them that they don't already have
  • Heard horror stories about the Wyrm
  • Knows Code of Ursa
  • Are aware that Rage causes healing
  • Outsiders would perhaps be familiar with one or two Gurahl gifts that they had seen or heard about

Gurahl Lore 3

  • Understands the simplified history of the Gurahl as per the Changing Breeds book
  • Knows most of the Gifts available to them, except those of the Eldest
  • Have encountered many Formor and Wyrm servants and have a general understanding of what they are, and some of the common powers they might
  • weild
  • Has basic knowledge of the most notable Gurahl (Rank 4 and 5) in history
  • Aware of the Ice Stalkers, the Polar Gurahl, the fiercest Gurahl
  • Knows every aspect of Gurahl life is is controlled at some level by ritual
  • Has heard the legend of the more rare Gurahl rituals and Gifts
  • Knows that Gurahl are not able to leave the realm without a ritual to break the Guantlet and that they are special amongst the Changing Breeds in this.
  • Outsiders would likely be familiar with several Gurahl gifts and perhaps some rituals and would likely have spoken to a Gurahl personally

Gurahl Lore 4: Knows a Few of the Great Secrets

  • Detailed knowledge of Gurahl history
  • Has been to at least one gathering of the Gurahl or taken part in a Potlach

Gurahl Lore 5: What most Elders Know

  • Probably a major player in Changing Breed and Gurahl Society - you know enough people and know enough information to make an informed decision about Nationwide and Worldwide matters
  • Gurahl can bring back the dead, by causing pain and suffering to themselves, they must feel the pain and shed to purify and spare others.
  • You know it all and because of it, bear a heavy burden. You feel the pain of Gaia and are often tempted to go back to sleep in her womb this Winter and never awaken as healing it and avenging her weighs heavily on you conscience. You retain hope in future generations but you are old and weary