These Lore Knowledges are used on TRB. To have any lore at 4+ or to have a Lore outside your Sphere requires ST approval. Mortal characters with no ties to specific Spheres may purchase Basic Lores to represent things their character might have picked up

Basic Lores
-These Lores are less in-depth and less specific than the other categories of Lores, and are most likely possessed by mortals who aren't part of any specific sphere.
Awakened Lore
Fae Lore
Infernal Lore
Ghost Lore
Werewolf Lore
Vampire Lore

Vampire Specific Lores
Anarch Lore
Assamite Lore
Baali Lore
Brujah Lore
Caitiff Lore
Camarilla Lore
Daughters of Cacophony Lore
Followers of Set Lore
Gangrel Lore
Giovanni Lore
Kiasyd Lore
Kindred Lore
Lasombra Lore
Malkavian Lore
Necromancy Lore
Nosferatu Lore
Ravnos Lore
Sabbat Lore
Salubri Lore
Samedi Lore
Serpents of the Light Lore
Thaumaturgy Lore
Toreador Lore
Tremere Lore
Tzimisce Lore
Ventrue Lore

Caern Lore
Garou Lore
Glyph Lore
Spirit Lore
Umbra Lore
Weaver Lore
Wyld Lore
Wyrm Lore

Tribe Lores
Black Fury Lore
Bone Gnawers Lore
Children of Gaia Lore
Fianna Lore
Get of Fenris Lore
Glass Walker Lore
Red Talon Lore
Shadow Lord Lore
Silent Strider Lore
Silver Fang Lore
Stargazer Lore
Uktena Lore
Wendigo Lore

Fera Lores
Ajaba Lore
Ananasi Lore
Bastet Lore
Corax Lore
Gurahl Lore
Kitsune Lore
Mokole Lore
Nagah Lore
Nuwisha Lore
Ratkin Lore
Rokea Lore

Mage Lores
Tradition Lore
Akashic Brotherhood Lore
Celestial Chorus Lore
Cult of Ecstasy Lore
Dreamspeaker Lore
Euthanatos Lore
Order Of Hermes Lore
Sons Of Ether Lore
Verbena Lore
Virtual Adepts Lore
Hollow Ones Lore
Technocracy Lore
Iteration X Lore
New World Order Lore
Progenitors Lore
Syndicate Lore
Void Engineers Lore

Hunter Lores
Hunter Lore
Martyr Lore
Redeemer Lore
Innocent Lore
Avenger Lore
Judge Lore
Defender Lore
Visionary Lore
Wayward Lore
Hermit Lore

Demon Lores
Fallen Lore
Defiler Lore
Devil Lore
Devourer Lore
Fiend Lore
Malefactor Lore
Scourge Lore
Slayer Lore
Cryptic Lore
Faustian Lore
Luciferan Lore
Ravener Lore
Reconciler Lore