Merits And Flaws Vampire


Blush of Health - 2 pt merit
You look more hale and health in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend with human society much more easily. You still retain the color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cold to the touch.

Domain - 2-4 pt merit
The prince has given you exclusive rights to a piece of territory. The size and importance of that territory are in direct proportions to the cost of the Merit. A few blocks’ worth of row-houses might be worth two points, while four square blocks in the city’s financial district could be worth four.

Early Riser - 1 pt merit
You always seem to be the first to rise & the last to go to bed. You always get up at least an hour before everyone else, even stay up until dawn. You seem to have the ability to exist on less rest.

Eat Food - 1 pt merit
You can eat food, an a ptitude you picked up early in your undead existence. Although you peers may find this disgusting you can pass for living with much greater ease.

Efficient Digestion - 3 pt merit
You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood. Every two Blood Points ingested increase your Blood Pool by three. Round down so leftover ‘halves’ are ignored. For instance, taking four Blood Points raises the Blood Pool by six, and so does taking five Blood Points.

Elysium Domain - 1 pt merit
You control some part of the city's Elysium. You're its recognized protector & in many ways it's considered your domain. However, it doesn't belong to you & other Kindred can enjoy it freely. While this merit involves some measure of responsibility, you can enjoy this Elysium domain at your leisure & you gain respect & Status as its protector.

Elysium Regular - 1 pt merit
You spend an unusual amount to time at the various Elysium’s in your city. You see and are seen to such an extent that all of your movers and shakers of Elysium know who you are. Extended time spent in Elysium also gives you extended opportunities to interact with the harpies and other Kindred of that stature - and they’ll know your name when you approach them.

Family Member - 1 pt merit
A member of your mortal family is also a vampire. You have a good relationship w/ that member & he'll come to your aid if you call. However, he may also call upon you for aid someday. If the family member is close by, this is a 2 pt Merit. If the family member is in your pack, it's a 3 pt Merit.

Fetch - 2 pt merit
You have access to a mortal who looks just like you. Perhaps she�s your twin sister, a long-lost relative, someone who has been Vicissituded or simply very good at disguise. Unless she is ghouled, however, she will age and eventually no longer be your double. Your fetch may move about during the day, conducting your business and keeping up your semblance of a mortal life- but also commits actions for which you will be held responsible. Remember, your fetch should be ke pt carefully informed regarding your relationship and business dealings.

Former Ghoul - 1 pt merit
You were introduced to the Blood long before you were made Kindred. Your long experience as a ghoul gives you insight into and comfort with vampiric society. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls when in the presence of other neonates - particularly those who haven’t been educated by their sires), and have a standing -1 difficulty on rolls relating to knowledge of the Kindred.

Harpy - 5 pt merit
You count yourself among the harpies, the vampires who rule the roost in Elysium. Yours is one of the voices that mock, exalt or humble the Kindred of the city.. Your opinion is very influential, which means that you’re going to face all sorts of attem pts - from bribes to threats - to change it. You are at -1 difficulty on all Social rolls when acting in your official capac

Hidden Diablerie - 3 pt merit
The tell-tale black streaks of diablerie do not manifest in your aura.

Hunter-net Alias - 5 pt merit
One way or another, you have acquired a username on the Hunter-Net site. This requires actual dots in Computer to take.

Inoffensive to Animals - 1 pt merit
Animals do not fear or distrust you the way they do most of the Kindred. They treat you as they would any mortal and do not shy from your touch.

Light Sleeper - 2 pt merit
You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. The rules regarding how Humanity restricts the number of dice usable during the day are waived.

Lunar Influence - 1 pt merit
The moon has an unusually strong effect on you. During periods of the new moon, your Strength, Dexterity & Stamina are cut in half. During periods of the full moon your Strength, Dexterity & Stamina are increased by half again. During the waxing & waning phases, the Attributes stay the same.

Nine Lives - 6 pt merit
Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live - and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another re-roll is made until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count of how many lives the character has remaining.

Prestigious Sire - 1 pt merit
Your Sire had or has great Status in the Camarilla, and this has accorded you a peculiar honor. Most treat you respectfully as a result, while some have only contem pt for you, believing you to be nothing compared to them. This prestige could greatly aid you when dealing with elders acquainted with your sire. Indeed, your sire’s contacts may actually approach you at some point offering aid. Though your sire may no longer have contact with you, the simple fact of your ancestry has marked you forever.

Primogen - 7 pt merit
You are part of the ruling coterie of vampires in the city in which you reside. Your voice is one of the few to which the prince must listen, and you have tremendous influence in your clan. On the other hand, there are always others plotting to take your place, making your position a precarious one.

Primogen Friendship - 4 pt merit
The ruling council of the city values you and your opinions. You are called in to consult on decisions, and your recommendations carry great weight. Your positions may not be an official one, but it’s powerful nonetheless.

Unbondable - 3 pt merit
You are immune to being blood bound.


Adolescent - 1 pt flaw
You were chosen very early in your life. This age difference will cause people to react to you differently. The older Chosen may not take you seriously. - "You've got to be kidding. She's just a kid!") Increase the Difficulty of your Social rolls by 1 to 3 depending on the circumstances of your situation or the individual you are confronting.

Anachronism - 2 pt flaw
You have been a vampire for some time, an are unable - or unwilling) to keep up with the changing times. An Intelligence roll is needed whenever you have to deal with something from a later period than your own breathing days. If the roll is failed, total the net failures and use this total as a negative modifier to your attem pts. Example: Osric, a fifth-century Goth by birth, has this Flaw and is attem pting to deal with a computer. His Intelligence results in two net failures. Osric now has a two-dice penalty when determining the outcome of his attem pt to make the infernal machine cooperate. Not that characters with this Flaw will generally have been vampires for a longer time than the 50 years suggested in Vampire, so Storytellers should decide whether or not to allow this Flaw in their characters.

Bastard Childer - 2 pt flaw
You have sired one or more childer without the permission of the local prince or Justicar. Under Kindred law, both you and you4r childer may be subject to a Blood Hunt should other vampires discover your secret. This flaw is cumulative and must be taken once per bastard sired.

Blood Hunted - 4-6 pt flaw
You have been made the target of a blood hunt, and for you to return to your home city is death. For four points, this Flaw means that only your home city is off limits to you. For six, it means that the entire Camarilla is howling for your vitae.

Bulimia - 4 pt flaw
The thought of drinking blood is repulsive to you, and while you acknowledge the need to feed, you often have the irresistible desire to forcibly remove the blood from your system. It is likely that you had an eating disorder in your life before you were Embraced. In order to successfully hold the blood inside of your system until your body has absorbed all of the precious fluid, you must make a Stamina roll against a difficulty of 8. Failure means the sudden and extremely messy - to say nothing of embarrassing) loss of all newly consumed Blood Points as they are vomited from your body. However, any blood gained while in a feeding frenzy can be ke pt down. So, the only guaranteed method of nourishment is to feed when frenzying. This can prove to be socially demeaning and often places the Masquerade in jeopardy.

Can’t Cross Running Water - 3 pt flaw
You cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. "Running water" is any body of water more than two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant. A Kindred with this Flaw obviously believes too much in old wives’ tales.

Cannibal - 4 pt flaw
Nature or nurture has forced this diabolist to eat human meat - exclusively. Anyone twisted or desperate enough can eat a person, but the character with this Flaw cannot eat anything else. No other meat - much less grain or vegetable) will nourish him, and he'll get sick if he tries to change his diet. The flesh can be dead, decaying, or even alive, but it must be human. Needless to say, this ghoul has to remain close to human beings, yet feed discreetly enough to avoid attention. It's a hard life to live, and few cannibals manage to survive this way for very long. There are, of course, exce ptions.

Cast No Reflection - 1 pt flaw
You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampires of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw - and you may be mistaken for one for them if you posses this).

Cast No Shadow - 1 pt flaw
You have no shadow. You also cause no shadows to move about you by walking through them, though you do still obscure light however. Also you cause pictures of you taken with a camera to become deformed and twisted.

Corpseflesh/Flesh of the Corpse - 5 pt flaw
Your flesh does not fully regenerate once it is damaged. While you are able to heal yourself to the point of regaining fill functionality, your skin still retains the cuts, tears, bullet holes, etc., which you have incurred. Depending on the nature of the damage, this Flaw will make social dealings exceedingly difficult.

Diabolist, Known - 5 pt flaw
You have committed diablerie at least once to achieve your current position of power. Although not all members of elder Kindred society known of your terrible flaw, at least some elders of import are aware of it. You are certain word of your proscribed behavior is slowly making its way though society. Other elders could easily discover this at any time and, at the very least, most of society knows that you are to be shunned. Adding to the danger, there is always the possibility of a Blood Hunt despite your elder status. If they haven’t already, certain elders can be expected to use their informations to force you to back their cause. You receive a +3 difficulty modifier on any Social roll involving elder Kindred who know your secret.

Diabolist, Secret - 2 pt flaw
You have committed diablerie at least once to achieve your current position of power, but no one yet knows your secret. Should the information ever be revealed, other elders may well refused you aid, shun you or, even worse, turn against you, perhaps even calling a Blood Hunt. It is imperative you keep this information hidden. Should your secret ever be revealed, you will receive a +3 difficulty on any Social roll involving elder Kindred.

Disease Carrier - 4 pt flaw
Your blood carries a lethal and highly contagious disease. The disease can be anything from rabies to HIV, and Kindred who drink your blood have a 10 percent chance of becoming a carrier as well. You must spend an extra blood point each night on awakening, or you will being manifesting sym ptoms of the disease - increased chance to frenzy for rabies, reduced soak rolls for HIV, etc.)

Dull Fangs - 2 pt flaw
For some reason your fangs never fully developed - they may not have manifested at all. When feeding, you need to find some other method of making the blood flow. Failing that, you must achieve double the normal amount of successes in order to make your bite penetrate properly. A number of Caitiff and high-generation vampires often manifest this Flaw.

Former Prince - 3 pt flaw
Once, you held near-absolute power in a city, but those nights are gone now. Perhaps you stepped down, perhaps you were deposed, or perhaps your city fell to the Sabbat; it matters little in your reduced state. What does matter is that the prince in the city where you now dwell is aware of your prior employment, and has concerns that you might be trying to make a comeback. The machinery of the Camarilla in the city where you now make your home is subtly stacked against you, and if the prince sees and opportunity to get rid of you he just might take it.

Infamous Sire - 1 pt flaw
Your sire was, and perhaps still is, distrusted and disliked by many of the Kindred in the city. As a result, you are distrusted and disliked as well ,This is a heavy load, and one not easily shed.

Infectious Bite - 2 pt flaw
You lack the enzymes that allow most Kindred to seal the wounds caused by their feeding. You may not automatically lick the wounds of your feeding closed. IN fact, your bites have a one on five chance of becoming infected and causing mortal victims to become seriously ill. The precise nature of the infection is determined by the Storyteller.

Known to be Dead - 2 pt flaw
Communities are small, and deaths and disappearances are known to all. You originally lived in the area where the chronicle is set, and the locals know that you are dead. Perhaps they saw you die, or you were discovered in torpor and pronounced dead - perhaps even buried). At ht moment this causes you no problems - but if you use your real name or are spotted by people who knew you. Then you can expect problems. Exorcists, pious knights and others - perhaps even local Lupines) will seek to destroy you; demons, mages and others may come to offer you "assistance"

Light Sensitive - 5 pt flaw
You are even more sensitive to sunlight than other vampires are. Sunlight causes double damage, and even moonlight - which is, after all, the reflected light of the sun) harms you. Indeed, even bright lights can be painful, but the pain can be mitigated by wearing sunglasses. When the moon is shining, the light it casts will cause wounds in the same way sunlight does for normal individuals. However, the wounds caused by the moon are not aggravated, and can be healed normally. Remember, even on nights when the moon is full, it may have already set when you venture outside, or be obscured by the clouds.

Lunacy - 2 pt flaw
You are affected by the phases of the moon, increasing your chances of frenzy. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two. When the moon is full, difficulties increase by three.

**Masquerade Victim - 2 pt flaw
The Camarilla’s propaganda machine did too good a job on you. Even after your Embrace you refused to believe you were a vampire. You remain convinced that there is some logical explanation for your condition, and spend as much time as you can searching for it. You also have problems feeding, and may insist on trying to eat regular food. None of these habits makes you particularly pleasant company for other Kindred. This Flaw must be roleplayed at all times.

Methusalah's Thirst - 7 pt flaw
You can only feed on other Vampires, the blood of mortals and animals does nothing for you. This is a very dangerous flaw, normally one possessed only by ancient vampires.

Otherworldly Taint - 2 pt flaw
Something about you just isn't right. Perhaps you have white hair at a young age, or you’re unusually tall, or you've got eyes that shine slightly silver in the moonlight. Regardless, you've got some feature or mystique you just can't cover up and that other people consider disturbing, even if they don't know why. To most observers, you're simply uncanny; a person skilled in occult or mystical matters can recognize you for what you are with a successful Per + Occult - diff 7). Some people might find your disquieting presence compelling. Most, however, will give you a lot of breathing room - or a lot of trouble.

Permanent Fangs - 3 pt flaw
Your fangs do not retract, making it impossible for you to hide your true nature. While some mortals may think you’ve had your teeth filed or are wearing prosthetics, sooner or later you’re going to run into someone who knows what you truly are. You are a constant threat to the Masquerade, and other Kindred may take steps to prevent a breach from ever occurring. You are also limited to an Appearance rating of 3 at most.

Permanent Wound - 3 pt flaw
You suffered injuries during the Embrace, which your sire did nothing to repair. You start each night at the Wounded Health Level. This can be healed like normal damage, but each evening, after sleep, your wounds always return.

Repelled by Crosses - 3 pt flaw
You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses - just as if they were holy). Kindred who were of the Church prior to their Embrace are the ones most likely to possess this Flaw; they perceive that their new form is a judgment from God.

Repulsed by Garlic - 1 pt flaw
You cannot abide the smell of garlic, and the smallest taint of its scent will drive you from a room. The full force of its pungent odor will bring blood tears to your face and render you early blind, while its touch can cause boils and even open wounds.

Vengeful Childe - 2 pt flaw
You have sired a childe who has grown to loathe you. Not only does your childe not aid you in your dealings with other Kindred, he actively works towards detriment. At time you feel your childe would commit diablerie upon you if given half a chance, and you could be right.