Merits and Flaws - Werewolf


Ancestor Ally - 1 point merit
You are strongly linked to one particular Past Life; the difficulty to channel him is 2 less. Create the ancestor; give him a name, abilities for which he was known (and which you can easily channel) and decide how renowned he was among other Garou. You must have the background: Past Life to purchase this merit.

Animal Magnetism - 1 point merit
You are especially attractive to others of your breed. Receive a -2 difficulty on seduction or animal attraction rolls.

Bad Taste - 2 point merit
You taste like hammered horseshit. Your flesh exudes oils that the most badass of fomori will nauseate at its vintage and, if someone were to bite you, needs to make a successful willpower roll each turn for the remainder of however long he wants to keep his teeth on your disgusting, horrible ick.

Berserker - 2 point merit
You feel the rage burning inside you. You know how to use and direct it against your enemies. You can frenzy at will and, thus, can ignore your wound penalties. However, any acts you commit during frenzy have consequences just as they would otherwise. You have the same chance of going into frenzy even un-voluntarily as other Garou.

Lack of Scent - 2 point merit
You produce little or no scent;- all attempts to track you based on scent are at a +2 difficulty.

Mixed Morph - 1 point merit
It's easy for you to transform certain parts of your body only, like a hand to a claw, while you remain in Homid form. Your difficulty for such changes is 6.

Metamorph - 6 point merit
You could shapeshift in your sleep. For whatever form you wish to take, you don't need to spend a rage point or make a roll; you are considered to have 5 automatic successes.

Moon Bound - 2 point merit
You are especially tied to your auspice, and when Luna is in the waxing phase of your auspice, you receive an extra die on all rolls. However, when your moon phase is waning, you lose one die on all rolls.

Natural Channel - 3 point merit
You find the Gauntlet between worlds thinner than most Garou do. Your difficulty to step sideways is one less, and spirits react a bit more favorably to you. Even if you aren't Theurge, you won't find it difficult to obtain training from the Garou shamans.

Silver Tolerance - 7 point merit
You have an immunity to sorts of silver. You are able to soak silver, although it still causes you aggravated damage. Any Gnosis loss from carrying silver items is halved for you. Round up.

Wyrm Immune - 6 point merit
Also 'Immune to Wyrm Emanations'. You have a special boon from Gaia, immune to Wyrm toxin. You receive no penalty from supernatural radiation, balefire, Wyrm elementals and the like (although you still suffer DAMAGE from such attacks). Likewise, you are immune to Bane possession. Your sept recognizes this invulnerability and thrusts you into many perils with the expectation that you will perform.


Animal Musk - 1 point flaw
You smell like an animal even in Homid form. Add +2 to the difficulty of social rolls where the smell would be apparent, such as indoors at a party.

Banned Change - 1 to 6 point flaw
Some event prevents you from changing, except back to your breed form. Choose one from these options, or create your own. You must spend a Willpower point and make a Willpower roll to change forms successfully when the restricting circumstance occurs:
Soothing music (1)
When wolfsbane is near (2)
Without spending a Rage point (3)
When silver is near (4)
During the day (5)
When the moon cannot be seen (6)

Forced Change - 1 to 4 point flaw
Some event forces you to shapeshift uncontrollably. You must spend a Willpower point each turn to resist the change. Once changed, you cannot shift back until the condition forcing the change has passed. Choose one or create your own:
Every full moon you must assume Crinos form (2)
When your auspice waxes, you assume Crinos (2)
Under the influence of alcohol, you change to Glabro (1) to Crinos (2)
When you are just short of a frenzy, to glabro (1), to Crinos (2)
When you frenzy, you take a form other than Crinos - to Glabro/Hispo (2), to Lupus (3), to Homid (4, har har har)
When entering the Umbra: to Glabro, Crinos, Hispo (1) to Homid or Lupus (2)
At the sight of wolfsbane, to homid (1)
At th sight of a vampire, to crinos (1), to Homid (3)
When you sense Wyrm-taint, to Crinos (1), to Homid (2)

Only Full Change/No Partial Transformation - 1 point flaw
You cannot change individual parts of your body. You can only assume all-or-nothing forms of Glabro, Hispo, Crinos, Lupus, and Homid.

Insane past life - 1 point flaw
One of your ancestors was mad. This Past Life takes over during certain situations and is quite a hindrance. Chose the situation; it can be anything from "whenever Black Spiral Dancers appear" to "whenever the LItany law is read at a moot". Create the ancestor; give him a name, abilities, define the nature of his madness. Play it to the hilt. You must have the background: Past Life.

Pack Mentality - 2 point flaw
The pack is your life; without it, you are nothing. Your identity is so tied to that of your pack that you always think in terms of "us" rather than "me." In the presence of at least one packmate, receive a -1 on all pack tactics difficulties; when alone, you receive a +1 to ALL difficulties. You're so dependent on your pack, you can't make decisions without them — even if you are the alpha!

Peirced Veil - 3 point flaw
Your Crinos form doesn't trigger the Delirium that it should.

Sign of the Wolf - 2 point flaw
You find it difficult to hide your werewolf heritage because your homid form has all the folkloric signs, from being overly hirsute to having your second and third digits be the same length. Maybe a pentagram even appears on your palm during your auspice's phase.

Slip Sideways - 1 point flaw
You can't always control your passage to the Umbra. If, during a stressful situation, you should confront a highly reflective surface, ho ho. Roll Wits + Occult DC 7, to avoid making the shift. You must still make a Gnosis roll to pass the Gauntlet in this instance, though your difficulty is 1 less — but ONLY when you accidentally step sideways. If you WANT to go through, you're at a normal difficulty.

Wolf Years - 5 point flaw
Your life span is that of a canine, rather than of a normal Garou. So, you've probably got 12 to 20 years at best. Good freaking luck, bro. After your First Change, you will start to take aging effects after 8 years, if you are a lupus, or 5 years for a homid character.