Mokole Lore

Mokole Lore 1:

  • Shapeshifting Lizards and Reptiles exist and seek to keep themselves hidden from the world
  • Basic understanding of the conflict between Devisor, Designer, and the Dissolver
  • Understanding on a basic level the responsibility a Mokole carries
  • Knows a Mokole's basic birthrights (shapechanging, contact with the spirits) and how they are used
  • Social standing and reputation is based on a rank system
  • Rank system is based on Honor, Glory and Wisdom
  • Spirits can gift a Mokole with individual powers
  • The Corax are one of the most common changers after Garou
  • Mokole are incredibly rare and are a dying breed of the Bete

Mokole Lore 2:

  • Has a basic understanding of the major events in Mokole history
  • Understands the War of Rage and how heavily the Mokole suffered
  • Has heard of other Shifters through rumors and legends
  • Knows the strong affinity of the Mokole to the Wyld
  • Mokole Are born to their Auspice, and do not change.
  • May have heard vague rumors about the Near Umbral realms
  • Knows some of the gifts available to them that they don't already have
  • Heard horror stories about the Dissolver
  • Knows The Duties
  • Are aware that Rage causes healing
  • Has heard of the Innocent and Dream Hunters
  • Outsiders would perhaps be familiar with one or two Mokole gifts that they had seen or heard about

Mokole Lore 3:

  • Understands the simplified history of the Mokole as per the Changing Breeds book
  • Knows most of the Gifts available to them, except those of the Eldest
  • Have encountered many Formor and Dissolver servants and have a general understanding of what they are, and some of the common powers they might weild
  • Has basic knowledge of the most notable Mokole (Rank 4 and 5) in history
  • Understands the Difference in the Streams and the many Varna
  • Knows every aspect of Mokole life is dominated by their duty to the Memory.
  • Has heard the legend of the more rare Mokole rituals and Gifts
  • Knows that Mokole are not able to leave the realm without a gift.
  • Outsiders would likely be familiar with several Mokole gifts and perhaps some rituals and would likely have spoken to a Mokole personally

Mokole Lore 4:

  • Detailed knowledge of Mokole history
  • Has been to at least one Gather, or seen many Inwittings.
  • May know of the Yalamantha, might have even been to one
  • You know of the Army of Aten and Nomads of Time

Mokole Lore 5:

  • Probably a major player in Changing Breed and Mokole Society - you know enough people and know enough information to make an informed decision about Nationwide and Worldwide matters
  • Use WW sourcebooks and ST discretion