Nuwisha Lore

Nuwisha Lore 1: A Time to Smile

  • Coyote is our Father, our Guide, our Scape Goat and our Punisher.
  • Uses of the differnet forms (Homid, Tsitsu, Manabozho, Sendeh, Latrani) along with the understanding and ease on of changing, as second skins become second nature to the young Nuwisha.
  • A Nuwisha could breed with his own mother and still not produce a Metis. They just always make kinfolk, never Metis. They will also mate with anything that's warm and anatomically mostly accurate.
  • The Great Trick was called for by the Earth Mother, which lost our relationship with Luna. And now how we serenade her every night to regain her favour.
  • Basic understanding of the conflict between the Spider and the Worm, and why because of their Greed our Earth Mother suffers so.
  • Understands their Role as the Trickster, to make the mistakes and learn from them, in order to better teach others of their own. That Tricks and Pranks are our Life Blood, and how we best survive.
  • Understands the importance of the Secret of the One. All our stories are Coyotes Stories. In return all of his stories become our own. In that we believe live forever, coming back no matter how many times we are killed.
  • Knows of Nu-Speak, the modern Nuwsha language, and how to apply it.
  • Is taught about the Umbra and how to enter it.
  • There are no more than 100 Nuwisha on earth at any time. Garou and other shiftersbelieve therre are no more Nuwisha even in many cases and that we died because of the Garou, and with our death so went all the great Kibas. Or so the Story goes…it's a damn good story.
  • There are other Shapeshifters, and in timme, what sorts of animals also change, and why it is important to Trick them. The most important being their Cousins, the Garou.
  • Taught our Sacred Duty to be Earth Mother's Laughter, and why we are different from Brother Wolf.
  • The Nuwisha do not form packs, and tend to be loners, but like to hide among their Cousins, the Garou.
  • Awareness of the rank titles of the Nuwisha (Son/Daughter, Brother/Sister, Uncle/Aunt, Father/Mother, Grandfather/Grandmother, Legend).
  • Social standing and reputation are represented by a Rank system based on Ferocity, Humour and Cunning. And Nuwsha lie.
  • Knows the Trickster's Laws.
  • Knows the Enemies of the Nuwisha - The Children of Worm and Spider, who still have not forgiven Coyote nor his Children for the Tricks they played on them.

Nuwisha Lore 2: A Time to Grin

  • Has a basic knowledge of major events in Nuwisha History, such as the War of the Pure Lands and the coming of the Wyrmcomers.
  • Is taught about the Realms within the Umbra, the Stars and the Heavens on how to get to them.
  • Knows about the other "Faces" of Coyote (Ti Malice, Loki, Kishijoten, Ptah, Kokopelli and Pan, Chung Kuel, Puck, Xochipilli, Oghma, and Raven).
  • Learns about the "Legends" of the Umbral Dansers, and that they are not the last of their Race.
  • Knows the various Rituals available to them, but sometimes it is just easier to Trick the Garou into doing them.
  • Has seen of or heard of the Special Toys (Fetishes) of the Nuwisha.
  • Knows about the Festival as well as the "Lost" Kibas, and is taught to keep their Secrets Sacred.
  • Knows the all important difference between a Trick and Prank
  • When to Trick and when to Prank and that sometimes others may not understand. Thus Coyote has given them the Trickster's Blessing to get themselves out of jams.
  • Has heard of other and may have even met Brother Cat, Brother Bear and Brother Raven.
  • Has learned of the Auspices of the Brother Wolf, but knows that they themselves are blessed of being all and have none. Most know themselves as Tricksters though and that the Ragabash are Coyotes own Tricksters but function differently.

Nuwisha Lore 3: A Time to Chuckle (Typically known by Brothers and Fathers)

  • Understands the simplified history of the Nuwisha as per the Changing Breeds: Book 1.
  • Knows of the Gifts and Rituals available to the Nuwisha with few exceptions.
  • The Truth behind Umbral Dansers, and the Secret of the Stars.
  • Knows many of the Spirits by Name, and has experienced a few Umbral Realms.
  • Has Heard heard of those Nuwisha who have fallen to the Wyrm: the Bitter Grins.
  • Knows that there are others that "go bump in the Night": Vampires, Ghosts, Faeries, and Wizards.
  • Has basic knowledge of the most notable Nuwisha in history and around the World, and understands the Role of the Elder in Nuwisha Society.
  • Has a basic understanding of the Legends of the War of Rage and the atrocities committed by the Garou.

Nuwisha Lore 4: A Time to Giggle(Typically known by Fathers and Grandfathers)

  • A Knowledge of Nuwisha history as per LotW: the Changing Breeds: Book 1.
  • Deeper understanding of both Wars of Rage and the Storm Eater.
  • Knows of or has dealt with enough of the Toys and Minions of Pentex to know who the big bad-asses are and what they are about.
  • Has heard of other Fera species such as Brother Rat, Sister Spider, and possible others through the Spirits and Experience.
  • Has Heard rumours of other Changing Breeds from other Lands.

Nuwisha Lore 5: A Time to Laugh (What Grandfathers and Legends know)

  • Aware of the "Big Picture"
  • Probably a Major player in Changing Breed and Nuwisha society.
  • Privy to the Major Secrets of the People.
  • You know enough Secrets, People, Spirits, Umbroods, and other Denizens of the Night to make a wise decision about Nationwide and Worldwide matters.Solid Overall level of knowledge of the other Denizens of the World of Darkness.
  • Knows of the Hengeyokai and may have travelled around the World and the Umbra to know of many others still Unknown to your Shapeshifting Cousins. Has heard many rumors of the other obscure or rare Killi (Nagah, Rokea, and Mokole) and can likely substantiate the Rokea and Mokole as truths or has encountered one of these changing breeds in their wanderings.
  • Less confident that the Nagah are truly dead and perhaps maybe even the other "extinct" Changing Breeds are not quite as gone as they say they are. They are doing a damn good Prank if they truly are Gaia's Judges.