• Shadow Play
By spending a blood point, the vampire can manipulate shadows and dim (but can not extinguish) lights, gaining a one-die bonus in all Intimidation and Stealth rolls.

•• Shroud of Night
Roll: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 6
The vampire may cover ten square feet, per success, in a black matter that obscures all light and sound. Most are blind and deaf within it; those with Heightened Senses or Gleam of Red Eyes are not, but lose three dice in relevant pools. If the vampire can not see the area to be blackened, she must spend a blood point, and the difficulty is increased by two.

*••• Arms of the Abyss
Roll: Manipulation + Occult, difficulty 7
The vampire may create dark tendrils. Each success either summons a six-foot shadowy tendril, or increases such a tendril by six feet. Each tentacle has a Strength and Dexterity rating equal to the invoking vampire's Obtenebration trait. If the vampire chooses she may spend a blood point to either increase a tentacle's Strength or Dexterity by one or increase its length by six feet. Each tentacle has four health levels and soaks using the vampire's Stamina + Fortitude. Aggrevated damage may not be soaked.

•••• Black Metamorphosis

Roll: Manipulation + Courage, difficulty 7
The Vampire calls upon their inner darkness and and becomes a hybrid of matter and shadow.
System: The player spends two blood points and makes the indicated roll, a failure indicates that they cannot undergo the metamorphosis, a botch inflicts two unsoakable levels of lethal damage. While under the effects of Black Metamorphosis the vampire possesses four tentacles, similar to Arms of the Abyss who's attributes are equal to the vampire's own. These, combined with the bands of darkness over the vampire's body subtract 2 dice from the stamina and soak dice pools of opponents they maintain contact with. The Vampire may make one extra attack per turn due to their tentacles (One TOTAL, not one per tentacle) Mortals and animals not used to such a display must make a Courage DC8 roll to prevent a panic that amounts to Rotschreck. Many Lasombra cultivate this devilish aspect and Black Metamorphosis adds a further 3 dice to their Intimidation pools

••••• Tenebrous Form
By spending three blood points, the vampire may transform, over three turns, into a shadow. In this state, the vampire may see in absolute darkness, slither through cracks, use mental disciplines, and is invulnerable to physical attack. Mortals not accustomed to such displays must make a Courage roll at DC8 or suffer the same penalties the terror described under Black Metamorphosis.

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