• Awe
Roll: Charisma + Acting, difficulty 7
The vampire can make others attracted to her. Once a target has spent one willpower point for each success, the effect is ignored, and the target can not be affected for the rest of the scene. The number of victims affected is as follows:
1 suc. one person
2 suc. two people
3 suc. six people
4 suc. twenty people
5 suc. everyone in the vicinity

•• Dread Gaze
Roll: Charisma + Intimidation, difficulty Wits + 3
The vampire can adopt a threatening presence against a victim. In addition to the loss of one die per success on the next action, the victim is affected as follows:
botch The victim is immune to all further uses of Presence by the vampire for the remainder of the story.
failure All accumulated successes are lost.
1 suc. The victim is cowed.
3 suc. The victim flees in horror. If cornered, she will often adopt the fetal position at the vampire’s feet.

••• Entrancement

Roll: Appearance + Empathy, difficulty Willpower
The vampire may enchant the target, who will seek to please the vampire, of her own free will. The effects last for the following time periods:
1 suc. one hour.
2 suc. one day.
3 suc. one week.
4 suc. one month.
5 suc. one year.

•••• Summon

Roll: Charisma + Subterfuge, difficulty variable
The vampire may make another target come to him. The difficulty varies according to how well the vampire knows the target, as follows:
dif. 4 The target has previously succumbed to the vampire’s use of Presence.
dif. 5 The target is someone the vampire knows.
dif. 7 The target is a stranger.
dif. 8 The target has previously resisted the vampire’s use of Presence.
The effect only lasts for 24 hours, and may therefore have to be repeated. The target will home in on the vampire as quickly as possible, without knowing why, or having to be told where she is, even if the vampire changes location after using this power. The degree of the effect is as follows:
1 suc. The target approaches, but with hesitation.
2 suc. The target approaches, but tentatively.
3 suc. The target approaches.
4 suc. The target approaches with great haste.
5 suc. The target rushes as quickly as possible.

••••• Majesty

Resist: Courage, difficulty Charisma + Intimidation
The vampire is automatically respected and feared.

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