|OOC| Ben says, "Ever notice how women blush/pale around their cleavage, too? Men rarely, if ever, do. I think it's God's way of saying it's okay to look at your breasts when you speak, so we can tell how you're really feeling."

[Public] Amelia says, "I still like the Dave Chappelle line of "Chivalry's dead, and women killed it""
[Public] Amelia says, "Too true"
[Public] Scribe says, "Okay, lets not attack the whole gender.."
[Public] Just a Persyn says, "What did women kill? I stopped paying attention."
[Public] Amelia says, "JFK"
[Public] Just a Persyn says, "Right then."
[Public] DJ Smug Salmon Frost says, "All of them did it."
[Public] Amelia says, "As a group"
[Public] DJ Smug Salmon Frost says, "There were five hundred crammed untl the grassy knoll."
[ Clownorama ] Persyn says, "my knoll isn't grassy. o.o"

[Public] Amelia says, "Other than sucking up more of your free time from projects more deserving of attention"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Well I just realized it was in my awesome little hole"
[Public] Amelia says, "…"
[Public] Dread Pirate Erasmus says, "Remember the time he made the over 9000 bot? :D"
[ Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk ] Patron Saint of Derp says, "WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND?!"
[Public] Nightmare Moon Liberty says, "LOL"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "And was like "Oh yeah, theres this thing here — HEY GUSE.""
[Public] Amelia says, "OH"
[Public] Amelia says, "MY GOD"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "… Yeah I kind of made a bot to respond to the word 9000."
[Public] Amelia says, "Holy shit he dosn't even realize what he said yet"
[Public] Amelia says, "Give him a minute"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "… GOD DAMN IT AMELIA"

Sensing the motion of several people nearby, Hector stops T-Shirt Kid. He turns and says quickly, "The Dark Queen's eunuch guardians are still awake! We must flee now, for while they may not take our lives, they will take our dignity!" He grabs Adren by the arm and runs full speed back to the door behind the railroad car, kicks it open with a flourish and runs out to the Justice Van. He assists Adren in getting into the back of the van, and hops in the drivers seat. Saying a quick prayer to the Mother Rat, Goddess of Purity and Light, he summons the energy to start the van. He floors it and hauls ass, Creedence Clearwater Revival playing on the speakers. As he pulls away, he turns back to T-Shirt Kid and says, "Lo, for we are the fortunate ones. The Dark Queen will not get her hands on us this night! Tally-ho and awaaaaayyy!"

To (Kim, Vilkas), Sidrya pages: Do I have a sign on my head that says I smut well? X.X
To (Sidrya, Vilkas), Kim pages: Nah, but you write well, so people just assume.
You paged (Sidrya, Kim) with 'Wha?'
You paged (Sidrya, Kim) with 'pose about your nine inch schlong.'
To (Sidrya, Vilkas), Kim pages: DO IT
To (Vilkas, Kim), Sidrya pages: But it's in bed asleep. D=
To (Sidrya, Vilkas), Kim pages: LAWL
You paged (Sidrya, Kim) with 'LAULLLL'
To (Sidrya, Vilkas), Kim pages: MINE TOO ;D
To (Vilkas, Kim), Sidrya pages: Yall are both on derp, riiiiight? >.>
To (Sidrya, Vilkas), Kim pages: Yes.
[ HERP ] Sidrya says, "So, there is just, really odd rash on the left side of my nutsack, anyone know what I should take for that?"
[ HERP ] Vilkas says, "AHAHAHAHAH"
[ HERP ] Vilkas says, "WHAT"
[ HERP ] Vilkas says, "CAT."
[ HERP ] Vilkas says, "IS OUT OF THE BAG"

|OOC| Hyo is standing in a corner observing all y'all crazy dancers.
|OOC| Deitor says, "crap, I went by the old pose older…"
|OOC| Deitor says, "You're not the boss of me.."
|OOC| Anna says, "Dunmatter!"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "It's that, or you deal with my pose order fits"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "And by fits, I mean the wrath of ages."
|OOC| Hyo says, "And by wrath of ages, he means he will cry and scream like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee."

[Public] Hank has joined this channel.
[Public] Hank says, "….Yup. *sips beer*"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, ""Mmmhmmm. *sips beer*""
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "Aayeah. *sips beer*"
[Public] Gingerbread Kim says, "Yup. *sips beer.*"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "Mmmhmm."

You paged Ben with 'also what gabe just said went over my head pls explain'
Laurenz pages: Apparently he means the sex position.
Ben pages: Eiffel Tower? Two dudes banging a girl, one on each side, high-five over her head.
You paged Ben with '… wat.'
You paged Ben with 'Wh'
You paged Ben with 'WHat?'
You paged Ben with 'WHY DO YOU KNOW WAHT THAT IS'
Ben pages: Also known as "le double-stuff"
Ben pages: You can't just open the book of my life to the middle, you have to start at the first chapter.

[Public] StarPitcher Ben has joined this channel.
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "BEEEEEEEEEEEEN"
[Public] StarPitcher Ben says, "LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKE"
[Public] Carl says, "CAAAAAAAAAAAAARL"

[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "HEY PBASE"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "HELP STAFF CHOOSE A NEW NAMING CONVENTION."
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "I think names that are in worship to me"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "I dont want to name us after colors that's like, everywhere I've been"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Rob submits to the floor Gods, Clan names, Metal types."
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Like periodic table of the elements"
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Or you could do virtues for wiz/roy and vices for storytellers"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Which means that someone on staff will eventually by Francium and we can call him Francis."
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Or all V names.."
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "O_o…"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Oh uh,"
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "the twilight zone…"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Hmmmmm"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "I really really really like that periodic table of elements thing actually, Rob"
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Or … um.. stars"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "like…"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "I want to be Palladium. ;_;"
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Or um.. um.. I want to be Neon.. but I don't want to be staff"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "No"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Kendra can be Potassium!"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "Naming mobs off of elements"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "She's special K!"
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "okay can I be Mercury?"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "Is the worst idea ever"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "BUT GABRIEL"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "SHUT"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "YOU COULD BE UNUNUNIUM"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "No."
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "I want Ag"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Silver?"
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Yep."
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra says, "Then I want to be a shifter"
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "or better yet, our names are of disciplines…"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Vampiric disciplines?"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "But we're multipshere."
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "yeah."
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Then again it is a convention."
[Public] Pinke Pie Kendra names herself: HazNone
[Public] Riley Freeman as Rob says, "i call pressence"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "aaagh why is this so hard i'm so excited"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "…."
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Wow i just said that"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "that's not what i meant"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel says, "…"
[Public] StarCatcher Vilkas says, "Damn it kendra why you make me feel like dis"
[Public] StarBatter Gabriel falls over laughing.

[Public] Gingerbread Kim says, "I hate. HBO"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "Why is this"
[Public] Gingerbread Kim says, "they have turned game of thrones into a smut feeeest"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "I figured that'd be right up your alley"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "Seeing as how half dressed british men seem to be your clit boner fuel"
[Public] Gingerbread Kim says, "WHAT THE SHIT GABE"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "Just saying"

[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "so @name exit = Glory Hole <GH>;gh;glory hole"
[Public] Habit Forming Erasmus says, "Why are we adding glory holes to the grid?"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "…Uhh"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "For great justice."
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "and glory."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "@dig Luke's Tummy = Glory Hole <GH>;gh;glory;hole;spermslide,
Ben's Zipper <BZ>;bz;ben;zipper;shame"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "…"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "I think I'm getting the hang of this. ;)"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke rolls with it.
[Public] Habit Forming Erasmus says, "Sounds violent."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "ROFL"
[Public] LicketySplit Luke says, "who wants to do something horrible that isnt making a glory hole"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "@dig Gabe's Anus….I'm just gonna stop there. Anything I say
after "dig Gabe's anus" just can't end well……."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "oops"
[Public] Habit Forming Erasmus says, "Right. You dig Gabe's anus. I get where you were going. You
wanna be all up in his business, so to speak."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, ""his business" being slang for lower intestines? Yes."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "So"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "I forgot to put pub the first time, now there's a room (#813)
called "Gabe's Anus….I'm just gonna stop there. Anything I say after "dig Gabe's anus" just can't
end well…….(#813R)""
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "I…think I'm gonna leave that one in place. :D"

[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost is not a cat.
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Why not?"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "This is the internet. You can lie, we can't prove otherwise."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "I myself am a transgender, fire-breathing bear that lives in a castle made of money and chocolate."
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost is a fish. Meow.
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Uh oh. You's a catfish!"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "Lionfish."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Oh. A young one; or just a lazy one? Meow isn't something I would connect with lion. Now, maybe, "Come here, Kenyan, I'm hungry!" but not meow. :p"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost fears not. Bring on your Kenyans.
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Okay, fine."
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben turns his Official Elite Four hat backwards, "Starving Kenyan, I choose you! Use your potential Olympic athelete attack!"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost uses Splash!
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "I mean"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "IT'S THE ONLY ATTACK I HAVE UNTIL I EVOVLE!"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben throws a regular pokeball, not even bothering to press up down up down up down, because….well, dang.
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost feints.
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "I mean"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost faints.
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Haha"
[Public] Drinks-A-Lot-Bear Ben says, "Wow"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "If feint is a real move, I don't have it."

[Public] DnvnQ says, "hmm"
[Public] Lickety Split Ben says, "W000000!"
[Public] DnvnQ says, "I said +sheet Ben mother fucker!"
[Public] DnvnQ says, "whoops"
[Public] Duchess says, "hahahha"
[Public] DnvnQ says, "it hates me"
[Public] Duchess says, "try one last time."
[Public] DnvnQ says, "there it goes"
Animadverto has connected.
[Public] Lickety Split Ben says, "I MISSED YOU ANIMATRONIO!"
[Public] The MAV Factory Animadverto says, "The hell is a DnvnQ?"
[Public] Tiddly Winks Luke says, "A total nerd."
[Public] Tiddly Winks Luke hides behind pippa
[Public] Lickety Split Ben says, "A dark, monolithic god from the shadow realms."
[Public] Lickety Split Ben says, "He rapes clowns for breakfast."
[Public] Tiddly Winks Luke says, "He lives with his mom and wears a retainer that impedes his speech."
[Public] The MAV Factory Animadverto says, "… Daddy?"
[Public] Lickety Split Ben says, "ROFL"

[Public] Twilight Sparkle Grant says, "there"
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "Adam, the word you're looking for is wary."
[Public] Applejack Animadverto is looking for lots of words…
[Public] Applejack Animadverto says, "typing on my phone is hard :("
[Public] Rainbow Dash Frost says, "NO EXCUSES"
[Public] Twilight Sparkle Grant wishes guests would sign on.
[Public] Twilight Sparkle Grant says, "it's even My Little Pony Day…."
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "Maybe if somebody hadn't told the entire mudding world with the MOTD that we were a Changeling mush"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "They wouldn't have run the fuck off"
[Public] Twilight Sparkle Grant says, "IT WAS APRIL FOOLS"
[Public] Fluttershy Gabriel says, "God knows I nearly did"
[Public] Scootaloo Follows-the-Stream says, "Changeling sounds weird."
[Public] Twilight Sparkle Grant says, "so it was a bad call :C"

[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Wait, the fuck"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Rob, shouldn't you be at a metal show right now"
[Public] Sweet Daddy Big Boss Rob says, "….. oh shit."
[Public] Rennes says, "OGOGOGOGOGOGO"

[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "People have re-chargenned here multiple times"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "Because I'm not like"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "With magic."
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "HEYYY GUUUYYYSTCHHHTHH"
[Public] Shadowman Frost has friends on the other side.
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "Oh god stop"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "I CAN HEAR IT"
[Public] The REAL Mav Lord Animadverto casts magic missile!
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel will nerd lisp Vilkas into the ground.
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "ahahaha"
[Public] Shadowman Frost will boot mofos.
[Public] Creed says, "eh"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "ahahaha"
[Public] Kim watches. Helpfully.
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "Gabe"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "You call me on the phone."
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "I will NERD LISTHP YOU SHTTHO HARD."
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "Also why the fuck are we making fun of nerds"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "We are on a fucking multi user dungeon"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "…"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "Fuck."
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "playing world of fuckign darkness"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "AT LEAST WE AREN'T LARPERS"
[Public] The REAL Mav Lord Animadverto says, "Because nerds are… um…"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "OH OH"
[Public] The REAL Mav Lord Animadverto tackles Vilkas!w
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "WE REALLY RAISE THE BAR"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "TRY NOT TO TRIP OVER IT"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Pssscchhhhh buttt vilkasscchhhhhhhh you sschhhtttoooppp thattt"
[Public] Antanas Vilkas says, "OH MY GOD I CAN HEAR IT"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "One of my exs has a boyfriend who SOUDNS JUST LIKE THAT"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "FUCK"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Son, I used to play sponsored UT I have making fun of nerd lisps down to an artform."
[Public] Shadowman Frost IS YOUR DADDY NOW!
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "SEE WHAT YOU DID YOU LITTLE TRAMP"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "YOU MADE THE KID CRY, AGAIN"

Rob is PISSED. | Rob says, "hey vilkas, can i ask a corny childish and horrible question?"
Rob is PISSED. | Vilkas says, "sure"
Rob is PISSED. | Rob says, "and not that kinda vent, ventrillo."
Rob is PISSED. | Vilkas says, "OHHHH"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "well then"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "can i turn Rob into a power ranger?"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "THIS IS NO LONGER YOUR CHANNEL"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "….what."
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "….What."
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "XD WHAT?"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "let me stop laughing first."
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "what the FUCK"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "ahahaha"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "i warned you lol."
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "Quote, hahaha"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "Still need an answer though."
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "Okay so"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "Nineteen eighties power ranger?"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "Or like that really gay thunder rangers that they have now"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "Also what color"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "These are important issues"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "like, the origional series ranger. And green ranger of course :)"
[ 4chan ] Vilkas says, "XD Are yous erious?"
[ 4chan ] Rob says, "No, actualy i was gonna ask for some kinda relic to gives me temporary powers, but then I though of power rangers and couldent resist :)"
[ Clowniballism ] Rob says, "i dont think i could take a scene serious if the words 'it's morphin time' were said IC."
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "oh okay"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "I was trying very hard"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "To find a nice way to say,"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "I'm putting my foot down and you're insane"
[ Clowniballism ] Rob says, "Lolz. though i would'nt mind fucking one of the pink rangers… :)"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "hahaha"
[ Clowniballism ] Gabriel says, "If he gets Green, I'm calling White."
[ Clowniballism ] Gabriel says, "Are we both played by JDF? Sure, but fuck it, I get a talking lion sword…thing."
[ Clowniballism ] Rob says, "I get the flute, and the vest sheild."
[ Clowniballism ] Gabriel says, "It's too bad black people aren't allowed on the internet so we don't get a Mastodon"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "GABRIEL"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "ahahahahhaaha"
[ Clowniballism ] Gabriel says, "…What"
[ Clowniballism ] Vilkas says, "can we please have this whole convo from "can I ask you a question" up on quotes"

Frost pages: oh god chris is going on and on about the follies of socialism
You paged Frost with 'where you at'"
Frost pages: ffffffffffff can't stand chris long enough to read your answer
Frost pages: must evacuate
GAME: Frost has disconnected. <Quit>

[Public] Kendra says, "Damnit Frost!"
[Public] Kendra says, "Stop @forcing me to do things. :)"
[Public] The REAL Mav Lord Animadverto says, "Of, in the context of Frost, draggedededified."
[Public] Bob says, "It's not @force if you like it."
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "HAHAHAHA"
[Public] The REAL Mav Lord Animadverto says, "Its not @force if you yell "Surprise!""

[Public] Kendra shines the shoes. shines them well. shines them hard. shines them like they have never been shined before.
[Public] Rene says, "That's right….spit on em. I'll hold your hair back for ya."
[Public] Rene says, "(How the hell is THIS turning me on?!?!)"
[Public] Codemonkey Vilkas says, "You'r a deprived person."
[Public] Rene says, "I am. Being a Mormon, my girlfriend tends to frown on putting out. I'm also a depraved person. ;)"
[Public] Codemonkey Vilkas says, "i was referring to the Mormonism."
[Public] Rene says, "two, mark em!"
WHEREIS: Rene is in Euphoria. He has been idle for 0s and online for 45m.
[Public] Kendra says, "It turns you on because it is me."
[Public] Rene says, "Oh"
[Public] Rene says, "Crap"
[Public] Rene says, "I think God just smote me for questiong you"
[Public] Rene says, "I sneezed and spit snot all over my hand, which blew back into my face…."
[Public] Kendra says, "Yeah, but I don't want to have a sister-wife, so it's all good."
[Public] Rene says, "I will never question thee again, m'lord."
[Public] Rene says, "What about just a near-sister who shares water oaths?"
+horatio I guess your girlfriend's a/pearl of great price
------| TheRockBottom |-------

I guess your girlfriend's a…

…pearl of great price?


[Public] Kendra says, "…"
|OOC| Rene says, "……."
|OOC| Rene says, "That"
|OOC| Rene says, "is"
|OOC| Rene says, "EPIC!"

[Public] Kendra says, "I did tell the friend that drug me over here that I would ponder making a mage for them"
[Public] Kendra says, "So I should do that"
[Public] Rene says, "Kendra, someone who drug you over was wanting a Mage, too?"
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "Dragged."
[Public] Shadowman Frost says, "The word is dragged."
[Public] Kendra says, "Yeah…"
[Public] Kendra uses the word drug as many times as possible now.
[Public] Shadowman Frost uses drugs as many times as possible now.
[Public] Rene uses drugs.

[Public] Remmy is a pie rat.
[Public] Kim loves pie.
[Public] Remmy says, "loves Kim's pie… 0_0"
[Public] Kim says, "That's because it's delicious. Like liquid cake."

You paged Kira with 'Ok, Attributes: 12/9/6. Abilities 20/12/8. Backgrounds 15. Willpower 10. Discipline dots 5.'
Kira pages: sonof a….
You paged Kira with 'Now that's what the werewolf book says on Ancients'
You paged Kira with 'Sweet jesus crhist'
Kira pages: Oh gawd…
Kira pages: Momma is gonna do some shopping…

[Public] Kendra says, "Don't be mean to the youngun Gabby. That is /not/ how you get the boys to your yard."
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Vilky knows I'm kidding"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "Otherwise I wouldn't spend 60hrs a week logged in here"
[Public] Kendra says, "Oh."
[Public] Kendra says, "60 hours huh?"
[Public] Kendra sings to herself. "Someone has no life. Someone gets no sexxorz."
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "I don't sleep very well and I'm funded by old white money"
pub O ho ho
[Public] King Mav Vilkas says, "O ho ho"
[Public] Cantankerous Old Man Gabriel says, "It's a good life"
[Public] Kendra says, "Old white money? Cocaine is not .. well.. I guess it is. Carry on."

|OOC| Gabriel says, "Oh Lasombra"
|OOC| Rennes says, "So badass."
|OOC| Gabriel says, "It's like having a Green Lantern ring whereever there's poor lighting"

[ Clowntown ] Patron Saint of Derp says, "Test!"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "YES"
[ Clowntown ] Kaizoku Sentai Jagged-Tide says, "What is that?"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "Uhm"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "Something. :3"
[ Clowntown ] Kaizoku Sentai Jagged-Tide says, "9000"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "no it isn't going to yet."
[ Clowntown ] Animadverto says, "8000?"
[ Clowntown ] Patron Saint of Derp says, "OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "ffffffff."
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, ".."
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "fffffh."
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, "Somewhere there are game coders creating the next Uncharted, or the next Half-Life"
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, "Ours? Is creating a chatbot to respond to the number 9000"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "fuck you."
[ Clowntown ] Patron Saint of Derp says, "WHAT, NINE THOUSAND?"
[ Clowntown ] Ethan says, "I don't know much about this codebase, but on SWR an object has to be flagged as a mob"
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, "SWR's also a monster of a cb though"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "Naw,"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "come on, 9000!"
[ Clowntown ] Animadverto says, "9000?"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "we're going to try 9000 times."
[ Clowntown ] Animadverto says, "9000"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "i like howe everything halted"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "and we are sitting here"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "Trying to get this thing to go WHAT, NIEN THOUSAND?"
[ Clowntown ] Animadverto says, "The entire pbase is now devoted to this."
[ Clowntown ] Animadverto says, "WAY TO RUIN RP FOR EVERYBODY!"

[ HURRRRR ] Kaizoku Sentai Jagged-Tide says, "Gabe just says that to get to your mom. Don't listen."
[ Herp ] Vilkas says, "I know. :C"
[ Clownphobia ] Vilkas says, "We need more derptitles."
[ Clownphobia ] Gabriel says, "Getting to his mother involves a bus fare to the corner of 5th and robinson and scrounging up fifty cents"
[ Clownphobia ] Gabriel says, "But that's beside the point"
[ Clowntown ] Kaizoku Sentai Jagged-Tide says, "SICK… BURN…"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "my eyes pain me"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "Gabriel you are an inspiration for birth control"
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, "I know, I'm sorry I'm such a regular customer of hers"
[ Clowntown ] Vilkas says, "ahahahaha"
[ Clowntown ] Gabriel says, "…you done yet."

------| TheRockBottom |-------

I guess that Twitch just…
…fell out of flavor?


|OOC| Adam loves being king of the skies :D
|OOC| Adam also loves his camouflage.
|OOC| Adam also loves his huge damage soak pool.
|OOC| Adam :D
|OOC| Gabriel likes being able to go out in public without terrifying the populace.
|OOC| Vilkas says, "ONE UPPED."
|OOC| Adam says, "That was just hurtful."
|OOC| Gabriel says, "Boom."

Gabriel has arrived.
Gabriel says, ":tackles Vilkas. Hard."
You say, "Fail, hard."
Gabriel says, "Sod off, I'm exhausted."
[Public] Vilkas says, "hahaha."
Vilkas falls over.

[Public] Gabriel says, "We guessed right on the multiple opponents rule"
[Public] Rene says, "We did?"
[Public] Gabriel says, "Aye."
[Public] Rene says, "8D"
[Public] Rene says, "I guess we really… *sunglasses* …pinned that answer down?"
[Public] Gabriel says, "…"
[Public] Gabriel gets the gasoline, for the burning of individuals.

[Public] Vilkas says, "Oh, shit."
[Public] Gabriel says, "…I like that idea."
[Public] Vilkas says, "Why do I never think of the useful shit?!"
[Public] Rene says, "Muahaha"
[Public] Rene says, "It will just be a clip of GIR dancing to "Hey Mr. Wonderful"."

|OOC| Ben says, "Anyone need anything from me before I split?"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "Fifty bucks"
|OOC| Argyle says, "A pizza."
|OOC| Ben says, "I can buck you fifty times, I suppose."
|OOC| Argyle says, "Also, kill Gabriel."
|OOC| Ben says, "would you also like a bundle of doll-hairs to go with it?"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "OH GOD DAMMIT"
|OOC| Ben says, "Hahaha"
|OOC| Ben says, "Catch y'all later! :o"
|OOC| Ben is almost tempted to leave his cell number in case anyone needs anything, but knowing this lot of trolls…….
[Public] The Ben says, "Later, losers!"
Ben has disconnected.
|OOC| Luke says, "oh shit remember that his phone buzzes if we update the wiki?"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "…Don't"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "lol"
|OOC| Argyle says, "Dude… put this convo into the wiki one line at a time."

[Public] The Ben says, "Have any of you guys ever heard the term 'hoagie shack'?"
[Public] Antanas says, "uhh, i know what a shack and a hoagie is."
[Public] Cap'n Sweatervest Argyle says, "Is this a euphemism for rape?"
[Public] The Ben says, "Okay. Ever heard of a titfuck?"
[Public] Cap'n Sweatervest Argyle says, "Is that a euphemism for hoagie shack?"

You paged Gabriel with 'I hope that makes sense, I'm noot good at communicating.'
Gabriel pages: We know you're not sweetheart, though taking daddy's dick out of your mouth could help
@set *gabriel=quiet
@force *gabriel=comtitle pub=shithead
@set *gabriel=!quiet
pub hey gabe
[Public] Vilkas says, "hey gabe"
pub are you going to be on tomorrow
[Public] Vilkas says, "are you going to be on tomorrow"
[Public] shithead Gabriel says, "Of course"
[Public] shithead Gabriel says, "…Fuck you Vilkas."

|OOC| Gabriel says, "…I've been here this whole time. Watching. Waiting."
|OOC| Gabriel says, "I've /always/ been here Vilkas."
|OOC| Kira says, "i think you got a stalker vilkas."
|OOC| Vilkas :C
|OOC| Vilkas says, "goddammit"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "Typing with one hand."
|OOC| Vilkas says, "god damn it"

Vilkas says, "I was just gonna say if you wanted an apart ment on the grid, or a house"
Gabriel says, "Let's do it"
Gabriel says, "Given my resources, we're looking at an apt"
Vilkas says, "Alright. You also can live on charles terrace."
Gabriel says, "The hell is that?"
Vilkas says, "They're tiny rent houses."
Gabriel says, "Oh, no thanks"
Gabriel says, "Don't much care for houses"
Gabriel says, "Somehow mowing my lawn in the dark of night just seems off"

Gabriel pages: There a command to spend XP or do we hassle one of you about it?
You paged Gabriel with 'There *was* but then I was advised to make it a staff thing and then I went "less coding for me horraaaay!" But I probably will just butcher the freebies code in the next coming nights and re-open the exit to the XP room.'
You paged Gabriel with 'what would you like'
Gabriel pages: I meant to buy a point in performance last night before the rave tonight but meh, it's too late now. I'll find other more devious uses for it later.
You paged Gabriel with 'you want me ot up prforance now?'
+sheet gabriel
e *gabriel/abilities
You paged Gabriel with 'I can do it in like 2 seconds.'
Gabriel pages: Waste all 5 and give me 2. But this is OUR little secret. *glare*
[Public] Vilkas says, "SO I'M GIVING SOMEONE XP"
[Public] Vilkas says, "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO"
Gabriel pages: I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE
Gabriel pages: YOU BASTARD

Gabriel dives onto the man as he takes him down to the ground. Rolling him over forcefully his eyes are not happy things as he glares furiously down at the man. Slowly calming himself he relaxes his body as he begins to speak. "If they didn't want you alive, terrible, terrible things would happen to you. Things that would make what that tentacle did to you in the attic seem positively orgasmic. We're going to walk calmly back to the house, like the friends we are, and then we're going to sit there until your ride arrives. Do you understand? One word answer, make sure it's the right one."
|OOC| Kira says, "tentacle? oh god…"
|OOC| John says, "tentacles are never a good sign."
|OOC| Gabriel says, "John may have gotten a little friendly with the tentacles that were holding him down earlier…"
|OOC| John says, "IT WAS A BOTCH OK"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "He wanted it"

Gabriel idly checks his pocketwatch again, realizing it's been a couple minutes since he last heard anything even resembling movement. Opening the door to the room and seeing an open room and not an eyeful of John Larson he quickly bolts across the room and sticks his head fully out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the man as he scurries into the darkness.
John jumps out the window, rolling to try to absorb the shock and keep forward momentum going. His heart is exploding in his chest and his throat as he tears through the lawn. He leaps for the wooden privacy fence of a nearby house to drop in and hide there, but it seems that the last second, the very last goddamn second, a blur of motion gives him away in Gabe's periphery.
Gabriel dives out the window, his unnatural vitae fueling his own speed. Tearing off after the man he growls angrily to himself as his body begins moving at enhanced rate.
John hears the noise. And bolts. Like a goddamned springbok. He leaps over that fence like his last name is Ramirez Rodriguez.

[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "Um Vil, are you allowing CSI: Miami characters?"
[Public] Vilkas says, "uh what"
[Public] Vilkas says, "Not consciously?"
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "Heh"
[Public] Vasile says, "Are you asking if a large mortal police force sphere is being supported?"
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "That, and characters from the actual show?"
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "or based off those characters."
[Public] Vilkas says, "Police characters, very yes. We have a couple of PIs. I don't really want anybody to play canon characters, though."
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "gotcha!"
[Public] Vasile says, "I want to play Horatio however."
[Public] Vilkas says, "you want me to get you a pair of sunglasses?"
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "if he gets horacio, I get wolfe…"
[Public] Vasile says, "If you get Wolf can we RP that scene where he was stabbed in the eye?"
[Public] DJ Zephyr! Rob says, "with the nail gun?"
[Public] Vasile says, "We can use many variations of that scene. :)"

[Public] Gabriel says, "Makes me think of when I was doing paramedic overnights. As it turns out it's physically impossible to move dead bodies all night long and then take a calc test at 9am."
[Public] Nell says, "Even with a redbull?"
[Public] Gabriel says, "Even with amphetamines."

[Public] Vilkas says, "wb elliot!"
[Public] Elliot says, "howdy :)"
[Public] Gabriel says, "Oh so you'll say hi to him but completely ignore my pages"
[Public] Gabriel says, "I SEE HOW IT IS"
[Public] Gabriel says, "YOU'RE SCARING THE CHILDREN"
[Public] Vilkas says, "NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS GABRIEL"
[Public] Gabriel says, "Don't mind mommy and daddy elliot, they're just having a disagreement. Go play with your tinker toys."
[Public] Elliot says, "dear mr god, why are they fighting?"
[Public] Vilkas says, "Oh dont you try to talk him into that"
[Public] Vilkas says, "HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW"
[Public] Gabriel says, "Know what? That I'm not his real father, know that his mommy was a tramp at an Iron Maiden concert back in 85 and he was the product? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO KNOW?"

[Public] The Ben says, "Hey folks"
[Public] The Ben says, "Girlfriend is over"
[Public] The Ben says, "only got a sec to say I won't be on tonight"
[Public] The Ben says, "Vilkas, I love you."
[Public] Gabriel says, "I was really hoping that was going to end with "And she's blowing me while I play text based games""
[Public] Gabriel says, "I'd probably build a shrine"
[Public] The Ben says, "Grainnia, no power armor! :p"
[Public] Vilkas says, ":C"
[Public] The Ben says, "lol"
[Public] Vilkas says, "But"
[Public] The Ben says, "I'll see what I can talk her into"
[Public] The Ben says, "late-easdgsdbghsdfbhzsbsdb ………… I came"
GAME: Ben has disconnected. <Quit>

You paged Gabriel with 'How about we aim for 4 p? that way we wont get in the way of peoples' dinner'
Gabriel pages: I usually just leave your mom a dish on the floor but whatever
Gabriel pages: 4's fine
p gabriel = AHAHAHAHA
You paged Gabriel with 'AHAHAHAHA'
+vote gabriel
You have voted for gabriel.

|OOC| Gabriel says, "Fuck its 1998 the internet barely exists"
|OOC| Gabriel says, "AGH, how did people live before this."
Gabriel growls angrily to himself at the lack of being able to google the bank's heirarchy, he checks Stern's records to see who on his payroll at the bank would be the highest rung on the totem pole.
|OOC| Gabriel says, "It's moments like this where I realize how dependent I am to having broadband in my pocket at all times"
Gabriel's backwater investigations without the good graces of yon Internet reveal that Christopher Mendez is the culprit. Stern clears a healthy 15 an hour. Man, in 1998, that's like, rich.
Gabriel slides his Nokia out of his pocket, an object heavy enough it could be considered a blunt weapon in different circumstances. Punching in the number next to Mendez's name he waits for the phone to connect to some bygone version of Sputnik and begin ringing.

Gabriel says, "…Brb, my cat is apparently choking on something"
You say, "takes after his owner"
Gabriel says, "Yeah, well, if your mother would quit lactating I could suck a titty without nearly drowning"

[Public] Grainnia says, "why would a Fenris kill a hunter who ..hunts Fomori?"
[Public] Gabriel says, "You just can't let me have any fun can you."
[Public] Vilkas says, "Well, is it a lupus or a homid get? ;D"
[Public] Vilkas says, "i can think of several reasons for a lupus."
[Public] Vilkas says, "Mostly having to do with thumbs"
[Public] Vilkas says, "and the having of them"