Ratkin Lore

Ratkin Lore 1:

  • Mother Rat helped the Ratkin survive when Gaia abandoned them.
  • Knows the uses of the three main forms: Homid, Crinos, Rodens.
  • Knowledge of main aspects: Tunnel Runner, Shadow Seers, Knife Skulker, and Warriors.
  • Knows of the Rite of the Birthing Plague
  • Understand the basic duties of the Ratkin - Defenders of the Wyld.
  • Understand their social stand and reputation are based on: Infamy, Cunning and Obligation.
  • Awareness of the rank titles: Pup, Rakka, Voto, Tava, Tepppen, and Rrrr't.
  • Basic knowledge of the Litany of Survival.

Ratkin Lore 2:

  • Knowledge of the Freaks Aspects: Plague Lords, Ratkin Engineer, Munchmausen, and Twitcher.
  • Learned that the werewolves terrorized the other Changing Breeds a long time ago.
  • Heard the werewolves claimed themselves lords of the Earth while slaughtering entire races.
  • Understands the importance of the runt/straggler.
  • Basic knowledge of Rapture - Be it Madness or Enlightenment.
  • Heard whispers of other Ratkin forms: Rat Thing, Of Rat and Man, Itchy.
  • Learn that Ratkin packs are temporary.
  • Learn about common Ratkin totems: Rat, City Father/Mother, and Grandfather Thunder.

Ratkin Lore 3:

  • Breeding is a sacred duty - Females will choose a Ratkin with the most social standing.
  • More knowledge about the War of Rage: Corax's role, mass Ratkin exodus into the umbra, and etc.
  • Heard pieces of information about the lost aspect (Bards).
  • Knows the difference between Ramblers and Courtiers and starts to head in one direction.
  • Knows the positions in a large nest (Rat Mother, Scout, Warlord, Mystic, Rat King).
  • Bonegnawers of the adopted children of mother rat (But they are still Garou).
  • Knows that Bonegnawer and Glasswalkers are the city werewolves. Can identify which Aspects naturally possess which Gifts.

Ratkin Lore 4:

  • Knows the epic tale of the Field of Nettles - The curse to the werewolves. Heard of Ratkin helping the Ring of Shadows.
  • In-dept knowledge about the Nine Plagues (How they came about / where each one is located, generally).
  • Understands the policy and politics of a large nest.
  • Knows reinforcements will come from the Umbra during the end days.
  • Know some of the major Ratkin tribes and their 'marks'.
  • Knows about the Itchy Zone within the Television Zone where Ratkin train to fight.

Ratkin Lore 5:

  • Has enough knowledge to lead the attack during the Final Days
  • Whispers about Ratkin working with rare supernatural creatures: Shadow Court, Shadow Lord cults, Sabbat Packs, and Renegade wraiths.
  • Knows whom to talk to find out just about anything going on in the city.
  • Knows how to find just about anything, anywhere in their city, by moving through the sewer system, and the other underground passages.