++Remora Background Info

Remora, the odd little messengers of the shark-folk, soon learn which Rokea are polite to them. They naturally tend to gravitate to these were-sharks to give them a "first look" at what news they've found. This Background indicates that the character has made friends with a number of remora and they will reliably deliver his messages and return with answers quickly.

The other advantage to staying friendly with remora is that it speeds up the process of Renown gathering. Whenever the Rokea dispatches the remora to deliver a message, the storyteller may choose to allow the player to roll her Remora rating. The difficulty varies by how significant the Rokea's actions have been - the more impressively the Rokea behaves, the more closely she follows Rokea Law and the precepts of Renown, the lower the difficulty. For each success, the character receives one point of temporary Renown. (Storyteller's discretion as to which type.) This Renown gain is not "extra" Renown; it's merely an advance payment of sorts against what the Rokea will eventually receive. Remora will not deliver false messages designed to inflate the Rokea's status artificially, and a Rokea who tries to uses the remora this way will surely lose Valor and Harmony Renown.

Technically speaking, Remora are like Rorqual or Kami, Gaian spirits in animal shells. It's possible (Storyteller's option) that the Rite of Spirit Awakening might awaken an ordinary remora into the supernatural version, although the Rokea must work to educate the remora as to its new role as well as gain its trust. (A Rokea with said rite can't just jack up his Background that easily.) Note, by the way, that remora act only as messengers. They have no ability to fight, distract, or run interference for Rokea, and asking them to do so violates the agreement that the remora made with the shark-folk.

Zero : If you find a remora, they will probably carry a message for you, but Sea is vast.
O: One remora who visits you before taking care of other business.
OO: 2-3 remora who visit you often.
OOO: 4-7 remora, all loyal to you.
OOOO: As many as 10 remora, one of whom always remains by your side.
OOOOO: With a nod, you could send a full school of remora to send word, warning, or a cry for help to all Rokea in the area.