Rokea Lore

Rokea Lore 1: Knowledge of the Surface

  • Uses of the different forms (Homid, Glabrus, Gladius, Chasmus, and Squamus), how to use the Sending and how to utilize the full range of Rokea senses.
  • Know of the advantage and disadvantage of the species of shark they were born to.
  • Knows of the existence of Sea and understands their role as protectors of Sea.
  • Knows that Sea will grant deserving Rokea individual Gifts and powers.
  • Learns of the auspices Brightwater, Dimwater, and Darkwater
  • Knows the 4 Rokean Laws
  • Basic understanding of the Betweener War; that to become one means certain death.

Rokea Lore 2: Knowledge of the Shallows

  • Has met with Sea and knows a little of her own purpose and destiny.
  • Has been put through the Rite of the Hunt, and has met and possibly killed a Betweener.
  • May know of or know Basic Rites of the Rokea.
  • Knows of the Basic Gifts of her auspice and of those available to all Rokea.
  • Learns of their Auspice: Brightwater, Dimwater, Darkwater.
  • Awareness of the ranking system of the Rokea and the nominal titles for those ranks (Of the Surface, Of the Shallows, Of the Open Sea, Of the Cold Seas, Of the Deeps) and knows that social standing and reputation are represented by a Rank system based on Valor, Harmony and Innovation.
  • Knows Rokea do occasionally band together into groups called Slews.
  • Has basic overview knowledge of major events in Rokean History. Highlights only.
  • Knows of the Three Sisters and their Roles in Rokean History (Kun, C'et, and Qyrl)
  • Knows of the existence of Sea's younger Siblings (Oversea and Unsea)
  • Knows that Rokea do not have access to Sea's Soul with out aid.
  • Knows of Rorqual and Remora and their roles

Rokea Lore 3: Knowledge of the Open Seas

  • Knows more of the details of Rokean history.
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of the Betweeners, and has chosen a side. (and may even be one)
  • Knows of the Same-Bito and knows a little of the betrayal of Mizuki.
  • Knows of the Merfolk.
  • Knows of the children of Unsea and Oversea the Mokole, wolf changers and other land dwelling shape changers.
  • Has heard of other dirtwalker supernatural creatures who prey on humans called Lampreys.
  • Has a basic knowledge of the most notable Rokea, those who have made great decisions or have discovered great innovations (Cold Waters and Deeps) in history.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the Impurgium and the War of Rage. (Overview, mostly that it happened.)

Rokea Lore 4: Knowledge of the Cold Seas

  • Has a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of Rokean History (see WW's Rokea book for details). May have been present at one of the notable battles or events.
  • Has more knowledge of the Impurgium and the War of Rage, has likely met a Mokole and may have seen or even met wolf changer or other of Unsea or Oversea's children.
  • May have met one of the children of Unsea, or the Mer.
  • Knows of what happened at the Marshall Islands and knows of the Unseen.
  • Knows more about the Betrayal of Mitzuki and how he denied what he was in favor of learning the ways of the Mokole, Hengeyokai and the Beast Courts

Rokea Lore 5: Knowledge of the Deeps

  • Probably a Major player in Rokean Society, possibly has ties to the other changers. Betweeners more than likely do.
  • You are privy to the truth about Qyrl, C'et's new Pearl and many of the other major battles of the Rokean people.
  • Know enough about Sea, Unsea and Oversea and their respective children to make an informed decision that will affect all of Sea.
  • Knows a fair amount about the Hengeyokai, the western changers, and supernatural creatures.