• Eyes of the Serpent
Roll: Willpower, difficulty 9
The vampire may paralyze anyone with whom she makes eye contact, for as long as eye contact is maintained. This power may be used on mortals without a roll.
When the vampire first learns this power, her eyes change into those of a serpent. This is considered a permanent change, though the exact nature of the change varies, and may be detailed by the Player and/or Storyteller.

•• Tongue of the Serpent
The vampire may change her tongue into that of a serpent, being about eighteen inches long and forked. This tongue can be used to inflict aggravated damage (difficulty 6, Strength damage), or to drink blood. This should be considered equivalent to the Kiss, including the pleasure caused in those on whom it is used.

••• The Skin of the Adder
The Vampire expends one blood point and one willpower point and their skin becomes scaly and mottled, along with much more flexible. Soak difficulties are reduced to five and they may use their stamina to soak aggravated damage from claws and fangs, though not from fire. Their mouth widens and fangs lengthen so they may deal an extra level of aggravated damage from bite attacks. They may also fit through any opening large enough to squeeze their head into. Their appearance drops to 1 and is obviously inhuman.

•••• Form of the Serpent
By paying one blood point over three turns, the vampire can transform into a black, poisonous cobra, of about six feet in length. This may also be done by paying three blood over one turn, if the vampire’s generation allows it. In this state, all Perception rolls involving smell are rolled with their difficulties decreased by two, but all Perception rolls involving hearing are rolled with their difficulties increased by two.

••••• Heart of Darkness
The vampire may remove her heart on the new moon, and put it in a clay urn. She may even do this to another vampire, though this takes several hours. For the vampire to whom this is done, it reduces frenzy roll difficulties by two, and makes her unstakeable. If the heart is destroyed, she will die horribly. If the heart is staked, she will enter torpor.
This power is automatic, and no rolls are required by its use, but the Storyteller may force Courage rolls to actually go through with it, and may cause mortal onlookers (and possibly even vampiric ones) to violently expectorate recent meals.

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