Serpents Of The Light Lore

Serpent Lore 1: Childer: What any newly embraced Serpent of the Light knows

  • You are aware of the fact that light is harmful to you, and you are called "Cobras".
  • You understand that Serpents of the Light tend to either be very trusted or very mistrusted among the sword of Caine.
  • You know that you hate those who are called Followers of Set.
  • You know that you follow the teachings of Caine, which is why the Followers of Set dislike you.
  • You are aware of the myths of El Cristo Negro, La Madre de la Luna and several other dieties, though may not necessarily understand what their importance is.
  • You understand that Serpents of the Light are susceptible to light because of a curse that may have been put on them by some Egyptian god and its all the fault of the Followers of Set.
  • You are aware that Voodoo is an animistic, humanocentric, immanent, pantheistic religion with shamanistic, ritualistic, mythic, eclectic, ancestral, relational, ecstatic, and ecclesiastical magical practices.
  • You have heard of the initiation rites into the Serpents of Light cults.

Serpent Lore 2: What any neonates who have been sent out on their own know

  • You have heard of the Followers of Damballah, and you understand the Serpents of the Light are descended from them.
  • You have heard stories of Haiti and an uprising with a priest, though details of it may be vague.
  • You are familiar with many of the Voodoo beliefs and have studied much of the haitian voodoo faith such as Santeria, Haitian Voudoun and some other variations. You also have studied such deities as Chango, Osanyin, Damballah the Serpent, Aida-Wedo, and Ogoun and you understand where they all apply in terms of the beliefs of the Serpents of the Light.
  • You are aware of the function of the 7 Loas in the the Voodoun religion
  • You have heard the name Chiyidi, though you may not necessarily know the story behind it.
  • You understand that genealogy within the Cobras is not important as they tend to invite any admirable figure into their line.
  • You have heard rumors and terrifying stories of Haitian vodoun sorcerers who wield strange powers.

Serpent Lore 3: What those who have lived have found to be true

  • You have become a scholar in the study of Voodoo practices and Orisha, the spiritual force behind the voodoun religion.
  • You know that the Serpents of the Light sect originated in Haiti in the 1960's, and did not officially join the Sabbat until the 1970's when the Followers of Set forbid them from joining the Sabbat.
  • You are aware of the Path of Corruption, a general overview of what it does, and that the Serpents have access to other Paths of Wanga.
  • You are aware of the internal organization of the Cobras, though may not necessarily know who holds the positions of the Empereurs. You are however, familiar with the structures of the Cells, and who holds the titles of President, and what standing they possess.
  • You know that you need to attain this level of knowledge to become fully initiated within the clan. You are also aware that you must have mastered at least one of your powers and fufilled the wishes of at least one of the Orisha.

Serpent Lore 4: What the elders who have seen and studied have found

  • You understand that unlike the Followers of Set, the Serpents of the Light do not believe they are descended from a God. They believe that they can become gods within the flesh.
  • He who becomes strong enough to kill Damballah will take his place as the ruler of the earth's dark places.
  • You know that there are many clan secrets that you have yet to see.
  • You know that there are mummies, or something like that, and that they are dangerous.
  • You have heard rumors of the Haitian/Voodoo version of the Gehenna prophecy.
  • You know that the 3rd generation have agents roaming around and that the 3rd generation shunned Set and this is why we corrupt.
  • You are aware of 3 or 4 various paths of SoL Wanga.
  • You are aware of the personal agenda that the Serpents of the Light have in terms of the Sword of Caine, and how most use the Sword of Caine for personal means.
  • You can name at least 3 of the 4 Empereurs and have spoken with at least one of them.
  • You can name most of the Presidentes, and are aware of the location of the major cells and shanpwel's within your country.
  • You are aware of the entire Initation process from the first through the fifth levels and what each level means. You may have even conducted the first or the second Initiation.

Serpent Lore 5: Those who have taught what they have seen and studied

  • You understand the true reason that the Serpents of the Light are within the Sabbat. You understand that it is very possible that the Serpents of the Light could rejoin with the Followers of Set. Although there is a great deal of bitterness between the two factions, it can be healed.
  • You have heard rumors of a bloodline that lives in Mexico and in India.
  • You are familiar with all the paths of SoL Wanga.
  • You are aware of all five levels of initiation, as well as how each of them are ran.
  • You can name all Empereurs and more then likely are one yourself.
  • You can name all Presidentes as well as know the location of the majority of the cells and shanpwel's within the World.