Shadow Lord Lore

Shadow Lord Lore 1: What a Cliath should know

  • Knows that others see the Tribe as untrustworthy
  • Knows many Lords feel they are the best leaders for the Garou nation.
  • Knows there is long standing animosity between the Silver Fangs and the Lords
  • Has heard tales of the changing winds that may allow the Shadow Lords to become the leaders of all
  • Knows to respect and fear Grandfather Thunder
  • Has heard the name Lords of the Summit
  • Has heard rumors of something called a Shadow Moot.

Shadow Lord Lore 2: What a Fostern should know

  • Knows basic hierarchy of tribe and tribal leaders
  • Knows who the Councillors are
  • Knows who the Generals are
  • Knows the Shadow Lord Litany
  • Knows the purpose of Alpha, Beta, Crow and Raven
  • Knows the party line regarding other Tribes
  • Knows that the Lords originally began as the advisors to the leaders of the Garou
  • Believes that Lords have always followed Thunder and his brood
  • Has heard of Crow and Raven as totem _some_ Shadow Lords follow
  • Knows that the Lords of the Summit are the largest Camp and what they strive for.
  • Has heard of the Bringers of Light, the Children of Crow and the Judges of Doom
  • Knows what the Shadow Moot is and may have attended one
  • Has heard rumors of secret societies within the tribe

Shadow Lord Lore 3: What an Adren should know

  • Knows the "duties" of the Bringers of Light and The Children of Crow
  • Knows to be afraid of the attention of The Judges of Doom
  • Knows the proper etiquette to deal with a General
  • Knows not to deal with a Throne except when asked for or through a General or Elder
  • Knows tales of Wallachia and how it was won back from the Silver Fangs
  • Knows about the Impergium and the common version of the Lords' place in it
  • Has heard of the Hakken and knows they eschew Western Politics
  • Believes the Hakken to be an off-shoot of the Shadow Lord tribe
  • Has heard tales of The Masks
  • Has heard tales of The Lazerite Society
  • Knows of the existance of many Tribal Fetishes, Gifts and Rites but has little knowledge of how to find or make them
  • Has been to a Shadow Moot or two

Shadow Lord Lore 4: What an Athro should know

  • Knows how to contact the Council directly with proper ceremony and respect
  • Knows the true history between the Shadow Lords and the Silver Fangs
  • Knows the truth about the destruction of the changing breeds in Europe
  • Knows the Story of the Thunderstrike Sept
  • Knows the Shadow Moot is more then just the Moot itself
  • Has heard tales of Lords following Typhon as a totem
  • Has heard rumors of darker fetishes such as the Blood Chalice
  • Knows that there is a split forming between two factions of Judges of Doom, the 'real' ones who act in secret and darkness and the 'killer' ones who are using the name for it's fear factor
  • Has heard rumors of the Society of Nidhogg

Shadow Lord Lore 5: What an Elder should know

  • Knows of several ongoing Shadow Moots (conspiracies)
  • Believes there are inconsistancies between the Silver Record and The Shadow Lord version.
  • Knows the truth of the original Shadow Lord totem and why it was changed
  • Knows that the story of always following Thunder is a lie
  • Knows the truth about the destruction of changing breeds in North and South America
  • Knows the truth of the secret societies and their stated goals
  • Knows that changes may be coming in the secret societies
  • Knows that the Hakken are not actually Shadow Lords at all.
  • Has heard tales of Lords searching for unusual totem spirits in the New World
  • Knows the Blood Chalice may still exist
  • Know tales of what the true nature and use of Blood Chalice is.