Silent Strider Lore

Silent Strider 1: What the Nation opinions about the Tribe

  • The Striders are all wanderers and fast as hell
  • To allow them to be useful, Gaia let them act as messengers for the Nation
  • They have no homeland in the Realm or in the Umbra
  • They know an awful lot about the dealings of the Wyrm and they smell a bit of… death?
  • If you can trust one enough, they can get a message or a package anywhere it needs to go
  • If a Strider gets a "funny feeling", just listen to them. It's usually bad news (excuse the pun)
  • They've taken thieving Gypsies for Kin. Watch your moonstone when there are Striders around
  • You've heard the tales of the Strider Legends told late in the night over the campfire

Silent Strider 2: The beginnings of truth

  • The Striders were all cursed by some great creature of the Wyrm to wander
  • Their Tribal Totem, Owl, grants the Striders Gifts of speed, stealth and safe travel
  • The Tribe was originally from Egypt but they cannot set foot on their ancient homeland because of their curse
  • The Umbral Homeland is lost forever
  • Most Striders are prone to receive omens and signs of the Wyrm's approach allowing them to stay one step ahead of it. barely
  • Their ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, dealt too heavily with death and now it's almost as if death follows in a wake behind them
  • The Striders still pay occasional homage to their old dead gods
  • They have a couple of Camps, the Harbingers and the Seekers. They don't stick around long enough usually to tell you the difference between them though
  • The Tribe was originally from Egypt, but in their cursed wanderings, they have chosen Kin from other wanderers as well, like the Gypsies
  • You've seen glimpses of some of the Strider Elders when they passed by

Silent Strider 3: The knowledge needed to earn Thoth's respect

  • The Striders were cast out of the lands of Khem by Set, a minion of Apophis himself, back in the days of the Pharaohs
  • You could name off many of the Gifts that the Striders are known for, including some held only by the Elders
  • You understand the Tribe's role in the history of the Nation, including their roles in the Impergium, the War of Rage, and the invasion of the Pure Lands among others
  • The sands of Khem may not be completely inaccessible, but the Elders tell you not even the Gifts of Owl can help you survive the cold of the desert once Re has completed his journey across the heavens
  • You understand the associations between the ancient gods of Khem and modern Garou cosmology
  • The Umbral Homeland was lost in the mists of the Umbra when the Curse cut the Striders off from their Ancestors
  • You know of the four Camps of the Tribe and could at least give the company line about them
  • The Striders must have some way of communicating secretly to be this well informed, though you'll be damned if you know just how
  • The Striders seem to know much about the lands of the dead and its inhabitants
  • You've traded stories with at least a few Athros and Adren by the roadside

Silent Strider 4: What Owl tells only his children

  • Set and Osiris were ancient vampires who battled over the lands of Khem. We waited too long to strike either of them down. It was our own hubris that set the Curse upon us
  • Our ancient lands are now littered with Leeches at night. To stay in Khem in the Realms after nightfall would be an open invitation for them to hunt you. The Umbra may be safe if you can avoid the Banes long enough
  • Bennu originally delivered the Prophecy of Phoenix to the Striders for us to give to the other Tribes. The Fangs have claimed it for their own glory, but they may not have all the pieces.
  • The ancient gods of Khem are still active spirits in both the spirit world and the Du'at. They maintain relations with the Striders that seek them out
  • The Umbral Homeland may not be as lost as you once thought. Rumors persist of its existence, but you have found no path leading to it on any of your journeys. Legend says that the path must be laid with the souls of all living Striders, kin and full-blooded Garou, in order to reach the gateway
  • You've heard of some other possible Camps that did. or do. exist. The Bitter Hex is the most prominent and most likely to still be active. The others you hope have fallen
  • The Tribe has had to look for allies outside the Nation in its fight against Apophis. Who these allies are is sometimes shady, but your certain someone mentioned something about the other Changing Breeds
  • The Striders have developed a form of communication all of their own. It involves body language, dance movements, hand signals, trail markings, the color of their clothing even. They do not teach this form of communication to those outside the Tribe, and many would consider it rude to ask if they acknowledge its existence at all (This level of Lore gives knowledge of the existence of Strider Communication only. Actual ability to understand Strider Communication is represented by Linguistics: Strider Communication)
  • That spooky feeling you get around the Striders may be because of a ghost that is following him seeking aid. It has something to do with the ancient role the Egyptians played in assisting the dead
  • You've likely acted as a teacher to a number of the Fosterns

Silent Strider 5: The workings of Ma'at are laid before you

  • Set's Curse is showing signs of strain. The time of hope we have awaited may be here
  • Osiris may have been undying, but he was something greater than a Leech
  • The Eighth Sign of the Prophecy…
  • You have knowledge, and likely experience, in how to find the Umbral Homeland
  • You know all the Camps, who proclaims to be what, who is lying for sure, and what signs to look for from any who are of any Camp
  • The mummies of ancient tales do indeed walk the earth and have fought by the Tribe's side against the agents of Apophis
  • There are were-cats who carry on the fight against the Setites in Khem itself
  • When the Curse was put upon the Striders, it tore us away from our work caring for the dead. Wraiths pursue the Striders as if they were beacons when they take too long crossing the Gauntlet
  • The Striders have access to the lands of the Du'at, a dark and dismal place with little in the way of hope
  • If there has been even a single tale sung of a Strider, the spirits make sure to let you know