Stargazer Lore

Stargazer Lore 1:

  • There are 4 main camps within the Stargazer tribe.
  • - Klaital Puk
  • - Zephyr
  • - Ouroboroans
  • - World Tree
  • Humans are responsible for the weaver going mad.
  • The Weaver is the true foe, it has trapped the Wyrm which struggles to free
  • its self.
  • The Stargazers played a pivotal part in the ending of the impergium,in some
  • kind of challenge.
  • The stargazers believe in the 5 minds earth(meditation) wind(Kailindo)
  • fire(instinct) water(compassion) and moon (enigmas)and what each of these
  • elements represent.
  • There are no formal ranks within the Stargazer tribe.
  • You know which side of the war of rage the Stargazers should have fought
  • on but didn't..
  • You have heard of the Spiral/ Fomori things.
  • You know the gifts of the Adren of the tribe, and which spirits will teach
  • them to you.
  • You know of the Glass bead game, and its great players.
  • You know the tale of Klaital's birth amongst the Garou.
  • You have learnt the path to the stargazer Umbral realm.
  • You know the location of the stargazer caerns

Stargazer Lore 2:

  • You now understand how the Tribal camps function within the Stargazers.
  • Klaital Puk, these Stargazers follow the teachings of Klaital, they follow a reincarnation of Klaital. They are the lorekeepers of the Stargazers.
  • Zephyr, these Stargazers wander the world and umbra seeking and teaching* wisdom as they travel.
  • Ouroboroans, these Stargazers perhaps walk the darkest path, seeking the* Wyrm in all it forms in a attempt to discover the nature of it's bonds, and* then free the Wyrm from the Weaver.
  • World Tree believe that the wisdom of the stargazers should be taught to any who can be enlightened, humans, mages, and the Bete.
  • There was a fifth Camp of Stargazers but the camp dissolved.
  • You know the tale of Klaital's first rebirth as Habhava
  • You know the tale of Kai Lin. Master of Kailindo
  • You know the tale of Klaital's travels into the Abyss

Stargazer Lore 3:

  • You know the fifth camp of the stargazer where called the metastatic birth, you know what their purpose was.
  • You know there are Bete Stargazers.
  • You know the tale of Menegho
  • You know why the stargazers fought against the impergium and why humanity is the best weapon against the weaver.
  • You know the tale of the Luminous shrine and it's fall
  • You know the gifts of the elders of the tribe, and what spirits will teach them to you.
  • You know the spirit types of Chimera's brood, you have perhaps met some of them.
  • You know where the sept of star lies and how to get there.
  • You have an understanding of how dream works and how to travel within it.

Stargazer Lore 4:

  • You know where all the Kailindo teachers are, and can likely sway the teachers decision on who they will teach.
  • You have heard rumors of a meeting with an oriental power.
  • You know all the locations where Dream can be accessed from the Stargazer home realm.
  • You know the old paths to the hollow earth

Stargazer Lore 5:

  • You know the other stargazer elders, all of them, you know how to contact* them though this may take time.
  • You know enough to identify Klaital in his next incarnation.
  • You have an invitation to attend a council between the hengeyokai,and the stargazers, though the purpose is unclear.
  • You know the probable location of the ruined Luminous shrine.
  • You know the most likely ways of traversing the silver path through Abyss