Thaumaturgy Lore

Thaumaturgy Lore 1

  • You know that the word Thaumaturgy means "working miracles," and that it was allegedly developed as a vampiric Discipline proper by Clan Trememre.
  • You know the difference between a path (a direct exertion of magic will to produce and effect within a given paradigm - aided only secondarilly by gestures and incantations) and a ritual (a reliable set of formulaic magical actions that must be followed exactly to produce a desired result).
  • You are familiar with the basic tenents of Hermetic theory. You know that the practice was allegedlly founded by Hermes Trismegistrus, from whom it takes it's name, and that it considers all natural elements (gold, lead, sulfur, etc..) and phenomena (fire, life, death) to have rules of interelation. It's eventual goal is the attainment of a pure state.
  • You know the seven established tenants of Thaumaturgy and can recite them. They include: Blood, Will, Knowledge, Identity (The Four Major Principles) and Sympathy, Contagion and Inherancy (The Three Minor Principles).
  • You know what a True Name is and of it's importance to Thaumaturgy. You are aware that it is different from a given name.
  • You have heard of and quite possibly read Das Tiefe Geheimnis or 'The Dark Secret' by Johann Kloepfer, a book that contains the theoretical outlines of several basic principles of Thaumaturgy without providing any functional knowledge to the uninitiated.
  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of the Path of Blood, in addition to your own starting path of Thaumaturgy if it should be different.
  • You know of the existence of common paths, including Alchemy (the ancient path of material transformation), the Path of Conjuration (the ability to create magical constructs), the Lure of Flames (the ability to manipulate and create flame, associated with the classical element of Fire) ,the Green Path (Control over the natural world, associated with the classical element of Earth), Neptune's Might (the ability to control and shape water, associated with the classical element of Water), and Movement of the Mind (the ability to tranlocate and push objects through force of will, associated with the classical element of Air).
  • You know the the existence of most of the common Thaumaturgical rituals, including Communication with Kindred Sire, Blood Contract, Bone of Lies, Craft Bloodstone, Defense of the Sacred Haven, Deflection of the Wooden Doom, Devil's Touch, Encrypt Missive, Extinguish, Major Creation, The Open Passage, Power of the Pyramid, Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion, Purify Blood, the Rite of Introduction, Rutor's Hands, Sangiuineous Phial, Sanguine Assistant, The Scribe, Scry, Sense the Mystical, Soul of the Homonculus, Stone of True Form, the various Wards against Ghouls and Wake with Evening's Freshness.
  • You have heard rumors of Thaumaturgical magic that allows the caster to control and manipulate spirits and devils, to control the weather, or to play havoc with the emotions and desires of a targeted subject. You've heard rumors of some sort of highly prized ritual involving a blue length of ribbon, and of ways to cure yourself of toxins, regrow your hair or overcome frenzy. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Uncommon Path or Ritual, although it will not necessarilly be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)

Thaumaturgy Lore 2

  • You know that the Tremere worked to create Thaumaturgy as a replacement for their mortal magics which were lost when they became vampiric. You know that this was done by trying to systematically adapt extant Cainite blood magic (which was usually very disordered and spiritual) to fit to a Hermetic system.
  • You are aware of the theory behind using vampiric vitae to power magical effects. You know that in traditional mortal blood magic, where sacrifices are usually required, blood is meant to serve as a conduit for life energy, and that magicians theorize that the undying state of vampiric blood somehow renders it to have similar properties to the blood of a sacrificial victim. You also know that it is said to be this inherent power of vitae that allows path magic to operate in a smooth and quick fashion, without the trappings of an elaborate ritual.
  • You have heard the theory spouted that Caine was the first thaumaturge, and that Thaumaturgy was his way of adapting God's ability to create Ex Nihilo as it were. You have heard the occasional Gnostic theory that Caine willingly slaughtered Abel in the hopes that his transformation at God's hands would render him able to do this.
  • You know that a True Name is a verbal expression of a subject's platonic identity and that very few people or Kindred actually have knoweledge of what their True Names are. You know that possessing the blood of a Cainite is essentially the same as possessing his True Name and of how this interacts with the principle of Identity.
  • You have heard of the Veneficorum Atrium Sanguis (a work by Etrius which chronicles many of the early experiments of the nascent Clan Tremere's studies into blood magic) and of the Nominis Inferni (a now lost tome on demonology, rumored to contain the names of over a thousand spirits and devils). You have read neither.
  • You are aware of frequent Thaumaturgical explorations into demons and spirits, and that many magi consort with them on a regular basis - warilly and eschewing infernal temptations of course!
  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of Alchemy, Conjuration and the four elemental paths.
  • You know of the existence of uncommon paths, including Spirit Manipulation (the ability to command spirits to work your will), Weather Control (power over the natural elements of weather), and the seldom mentioned Path of Corruption (the ability to turn peoples inner desires against themselves). If you rank among the Tremere, you know that the Path of Corruption is best not discussed with outsiders and carries an understandable stigma.
  • You know the the existence of most of the uncommon Thaumaturgical rituals, including Bind the Accursed Tongue, Blood Allergy, Brand of the Paramour, Cleansing of the Flesh, Engage the Vessel of Transference, Enhancing the Curse, Impressive Visage, the Imp's Affliction, Inscription, Machine Blitz, Pavis of the Foul Presence, Purge the Inner Demon, Purity of the Flesh, Rebirth of Mortal Vanity, Ritual's Recognition, Shaft of Belated Quintessence, Splinter Servant, Stolen Kiss, Stone Slumber, Track Transgressor, and Unweave Ritual, and Wards against werewolves, Kindred, spirits and demons.
  • You have heard rumors of Thaumaturgical powers to summons elementals, to build living constructs out of flesh, to control and harness the power of lightning, to invade the dreams of others and to magically manipulate modern electronic technology. You've heard rumors of ways to mystically deal with bureaucratic paperwork, to permanently disfigure Kindred, and to traverse into the realm of natural spirits. You heard very sinister things about some sort of ritual involving a rose… You've heard of blood magicians who are part of some strange religion known as the Vine of Dionysus, and are aware of all manner of lurid stories about their rituals and rites. You've also heard of a path of magic developed by neonates that specifically targets the foibles and frailties of elder vampires. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Rare Path or Ritual, although it will not necessarily be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)
  • You've heard that the Assamites and Setites have magical traditions also based on the use blood, although you know little to nothing about these.

Thaumaturgy Lore 3

  • You are aware that several seemingly benign rituals are apparently powered on captive spirts and demons - such as the Blood Contract, Sanguine Assistant, and Soul fo the Homonculus. You know that a homonculus is actually an imprisoned minor demon, and that while it remains tame for the most part, it may theoretically be capable of decoding it's master's True Name from it's own flesh.
  • You are knowledgeable of some of the alternative traditions to basic Hermetic principles that are sometimes employed in working Thaumaturgy, and have heard of Kabbalistic, Wiccan and Voodoun variants on casting - although such groups are not widely popular in House Tremere, and are often subject to mockery.
  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of Spirit Manipulation, Weather Control and the Path of Corruption.
  • You know of the existence of rare paths, including Elemental Mastery (the quirky and somewhat animistic art of communion with elemental spirits), Biothaumaturgy (the art of manufacturing golems out of flesh), the Path of Levinbolt (a previously lost path of controlling electric current and natural lightning), Oneiromancy (the art of reading, divining and manipulating dreams) and Technomancy (a new path of magic developed in the past ten years which can magically direct electronic devices or computers)
  • You've heard of the mad cult of Dionysus and you know of their intoxicating path of magic, the Vine of Dionysus. You've also heard of the Path of the Blood's Curse and if you're a Tremere, you know it's the sort of thing you'd best not ask about.
  • You know the the existence of most of the rare Thaumaturgical rituals, including A Touch of Nightshade, Bureaucratic Condemnation, Dedicate the Chantry, Deny the Intruder, Expedient Paperwork, Impassable Trail, Jinx, Learning of the Mind Enslumbered, Mark of the Amarath, Mourning Life Curse, Nectar of the Bitter Rose, Return of the Heart, Scent of the Lupine's Passing, Severed Hand, Transubstantiation of the Seven, Umbra Walk, Wards against fae, and Whispers of the Ghost.
  • You have heard rumors of masters of Thaumaturgy who can control a vampire body like a puppet, and of Tremere who study stange powers seemingly akin to the Lasombra. You have heard that there is a way to mystically build an immunity to blood magic. You've even heard whispers that the Tremere might even carry a way to break the Blood Bond. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any NPC Path or Ritual, although it will not necessarilly be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)
  • You have heard about the arts of Dur-An-Ki (the Mesopotamian blood magic of the Assamites), Koldunism (the archaic spirit magic of the Tzimisce) and Akhu (the magical tradition of the Followers of Set). You've heard rumors of magicians able to collapse buildings from afar, summon nests of vipers to overwhelm their victims, cause the elemental spirits of a land to give them vision of an area, and to do all other manner of strange things.(You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Dur-An-Ki, Akhu or Koldun Path or Ritual, although it will not necessarily be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)
  • You have heard tell of the dark arts of the Tremere antitribu and their ilk. You've heard of Sabbat magicians who can decay skin with a touch, and of war parties driven mad with Thaumaturgical blood lust. (i.e. You may reasonably have heard a rumor of any Sabbat Path or Ritual, although it will not necessarily be accurate. You also will have heard of things that are really non-existent.)
  • You have heard some rumors of the powers of the Cathayans. (i.e. Given that our setting has Kuei-Jin in it, you may consult an ST to see if you have heard anything interesting about their magical traditions.)

Thaumaturgy Lore 4

  • You have read or had access to the knowledge contained in a Veneficorum Atrium Sanguis.
  • You are aware of the capacity for binding demons and spirits into mortal vessels, and have heard gorey stories of the walking dead and demon possessed servants that the Tremere employed in ages past (and might still yet possess). You have the True Names of a few very basic spirits and demons.
  • You have heard of Thomas Bremond, a Voodoun practitioner and Tremere who did some extensive research into the Path of Corruption you hear his journals might be useful in approaching Thaumaturgy from a non conventional angle.
  • You have heard of and even possibly read the Eight Disks, a text originally contained on a set of 3.5" floppies that details the workings of Technomancy. You know it is a hot topic with overly conservative elder Tremere, who frown on the path.
  • You are fully aware of all of the capabilities of Elemental Mastery, Biothaumaturgy, the Path of Levinbolt, Oneiromancy, Technomancy, the Vine of Dionysus and the Path of the Blood's Curse.
  • You know of the existence of Extremely Rare (paths, including Mastery of the Mortal Shell (the ability to forcibly usurp control of another's body), the Focused Mind (the practice of magically enhancing your mental faculties to superhuman levels), the Path of Shadowcrafting (a strange art of controlling shadows said to be comparable to the Lasombra clan Discipline).
  • You know of the existence of the Sabbat paths, including Path of Mars (a ritualistic set of rites for increasing the martial prowess of you and your fellows), the Hands of Destruction (the ability to engender decay in solid material), and the Path of the Father's Vengeance (a Noddist path of magic based on the alleged techings of Caine).
  • You've are aware of the existence of Thaumaturgical Countermagic, and you know that it is a skill only possessed and devloped by a selct few.
  • You know the the existence of most of the extremely rare Thaumaturgical rituals, including Abandon the Fetters of Blood, Beacon of the Self, Obscure the Malice, and the Verdant Blade.
  • You know some of the major tenants of Dur-An-Ki, Akhu and Koldunism. You have rough ideas that some of their signature paths (The Snake Inside, Whispers of the Heavens, Way of Spirit etc…) might exist. You've also heard tell of the Indian art of Sadhana and the Carribean blood magics known as Wanga, although neither are closely tied to any one Clan.
  • You have have a rough idea of what Kuei-Jin magic might be able to do. (i.e. Given that our setting has Kuei-Jin in it, you may consult an ST to see if you have heard anything more that is interesting about their magical traditions.)

Lore: Thaumaturgy x5

  • You have a hunch where to pick up a Nominis Inferni or otherwise have access to the True Names of several non-corporeal entities
  • You are fully aware of the capabilities of all Rituals and Paths of Hermetic Thaumaturgy.
  • You know as much as any Tremere about what the antitribu were up to and could probably track down some of their books and notes if you wanted to.
  • You know of every other major school of knowable blood magic (Akhu, Dur-An-Ki, Koldunism, Sadhana and Wanga) and would be able to a few identify rituals and Paths relating to each.
  • You know as much about the magical capabilities of the Cathayans as any Kin-Jin can.