Vampire Lore

Vampire Lore 1

  • Holy Crap!! Vampires are real, lurk in the night, and feed on blood.
  • They tend to live in populated areas
  • Some are pale in complexion.
  • Information from newer movies (Dracula 2000, Dusk till Dawn, etc.) A lot of false rumors, myths and folklore mixed in (basically, a lot of false or inaccurate information).
  • They're everywhere!!

Vampire Lore 2

  • The vampires seem to be organized into groups somehow. (No idea how, though).
  • Most major and some small cities have vampires hidden within them.
  • Religious symbols can keep vampires at bay.
  • May have vague knowledge about one or two single powers—e.g.Dread Gaze and Wolf Claws. Note, this will not be detailed knowledge. "He grew claws from his fingers."
  • Believes any vampire will possess any power they have ever seen exhibited.
  • Vampires control many of the workings of the mortal world.
  • They claim ancestry from the mythical/biblical Caine.

Vampire Lore 3

  • Vampires actively try to keep their existence hidden.
  • Fire, stakes, and sunlight usually work.
  • May have overheard one or two vampire-specific terms—without understanding their meaning.
  • Vampires can enter into terribly violent frenzies.
  • Probably met and talked to several vampires.
  • It's not the religious symbol, but the faith of the user that counts.
  • They are able to turn mortals into their slaves, called ghouls.

Vampire Lore 4

  • They call themselves Kindred.
  • The vampire's power is in the blood.
  • Their ancestry divides them into clans. (Know the names of 2-4 of the common major clans). Knows different clans have different weaknesses and powers. (Although the combinations are often wrong)
  • Many cities ruled by an ancient vampire.
  • One sect, called the Camarilla, is based on a feudal model
  • Another, called the Sabbat, is based on a libertarian/Anarch model.
  • Some vampires do not belong to either sect. They are called Anarchs.
  • Has an understanding of the ten primary disciplines and what they can do—think general overview not V:TM write-ups. (Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Protean, Presence, Potence, Thaumaturgy).

Vampire Lore 5

  • May be able to name 7-9 clans and give short descriptions. (Equal to description in Laws of the Night).
  • Knows how the Embrace and Blood Bond work.
  • Knows the very basics about Kindred social dynamicsBoons, Prestation, and maybe Monomancy.
  • May have heard rumors of the clan-specific disciplines (Chimerstry, Necromancy, Obtenebration, Quietus, Serpentis, and Vicissitude).
  • May know some Kindred specific terms (as wordsnot by meaning).
  • Knows some Kindred fear the end of the world is coming.