Ventrue Lore

Ventrue Lore 1: What a new Ventrue should be able to receive on their first Death Day

  • Have the clan-centric model of understanding of the Clan Principles and Traditions.
  • Be able to recite their lineage.
  • A brief summary on how the Ventrue Clan views the other 6 Camarilla Clans, from personal experience, augmented by source provided in the Clan Book about views on the other Clans.
  • The belief that the Ventrue are the Clan of Kings, the rightful rulers of the Camarilla, is the most common thought within the Clan.
  • The Ventrue have rarefied tastes for vitae, each member of the Clan has a different taste.
  • A base history of the individual's bloodlineCan name the most prominent members of their bloodline.
  • You know that the Ventrue usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month
  • You know what The Expectations of Traditions of Clan Ventrue.
  • You are aware of who your local Elders are.

Ventrue Lore 2: What a newly released Ventrue has learned

  • A good working knowledge of Clan Ventrue today:
  • There are seals of for each of the Bloodlines, which may be called "Sigils."
  • You have a basic idea of what groups within Clan Ventrue exist [non-secret societies], and what their goals are.
  • You know the terms Chancellor of the Order of Kings Justice, Head Diplomat, and potentially one or two more of the positions of each of the societies and how to contact them
  • You know who the Clanhead is of the country you reside in.
  • You know what a Major house is for.

Ventrue Lore 3: What an up and coming Ventrue comprehends

  • Hushed whispers concerning a group called "The Secret Masters."
  • The definition of "Atavist."
  • A good working knowledge of the Clan's history from their point of view.
  • Rumors that the old ones control the societies through the Elders.
  • The PC knows and can recite the Major Houses of their Bloodline
  • Has developed an understanding of what a Sigil truly means
  • A base knowledge that there are Ventrue Secret Societies:

Ventrue Lore 4: What an established Ventrue has overheard during conversations with elders

  • A special title [not status] *scholar* may be granted.
  • You have read some portions of the Book of Nod as it applies to the Ventrue Clan only.
  • Has heard some of the legends of the First City- from the Ventrue perspective only.
  • Has developed an strong opinion of the current history of the elders in power in relation to their own interactions with them
  • Has developed his or her own version/ideas of what the societies are for, and who really controls what.
  • Has speculation of who the Ventrue Anti-tribue line is.
  • The title of *savant* may be granted and replaces *scholar.*
  • The complex subjective history behind many of the Ventrue Bloodlines
  • A well-established, working knowledge of the Ventrue Secret Societies, this may include the actual names of few prominent members.
  • Some inkling of the role the Clan plays in the Jyhad. The SA and ANST will have more information on these trends, which characters can develop their own conclusions upon.
  • Has created his or her version of the Clan's historical timeline. [See the SA for more information]
  • Has traced last known locations of some of the 5th generations of the clan.
  • Has a working opinion of who the 13 are.

Ventrue Lore 5: What a Ventrue scholar may have uncovered in musty archives

  • The title *mystic* may be granted to replace *savant.*
  • The true purpose of the Bloodlines. Speak with the SA to develop your character's conclusions.
  • Knowledge of almost all of the Ventrue Secret Societies from ages past
  • Knows where a few of the old ones dwell.
  • Has formulated his own ideas of what the true role of the Ventrue Clan, and Caine's Vision
  • Has found fragments of scripts from Veddhartha about the First and Second City.
  • Knows what at least 3 sigils looks like and can identify the item belonging to the sigil.