Wraith To Do List

1. ) Character creation, including Ferrymen, Risen, and all regular wraiths. New sheet needed for Shadows.
I'm on it, dahling. (the char creation…I'm making 3.0! It will have our old spheres + Wraith. And … Oh God I don't know what we're going to do with this potential crossover). - Vilkas

2. ) Creation of local Tempest Zones, Shadowlands, and Necropolis area.

3. ) Creation of necessary game commands for use of common Wraith abilities.
Tell me what it needs to do and I shall code it. O:

4. ) Devise OOC rules for how to handle Shadowguiding on TRB.

5. ) Create list of prominent NPCs.

6. ) Devise plot for Wraiths and xover plot that includes Wraiths.